Oops, did I just start a blog?

I have been reading blogs for a while now, mostly artsy/craftsy types and thought frequently that I should not write one.  Who’d want to read anything I write?  Especially when I think a lot about sewing but don’t sew anything.   Well, ok, I have sewn some things, but not a whole lot and certainly not with much talent.   I knit quite a bit, but I can’t even keep up with updating my Ravelry account.  And apparently uploading pictures is a must for blogging, but I have trouble keeping my camera charged and rely on my sister to take pictures of my son.  I haven’t even taken any video of him in the last year and I have a super duper nice hd video camera (for which the instruction booklet seems more like an encyclopedia), not to mention a super duper cute son.   So it begs the question again, why on earth am I starting a blog?  And why would I think anyone would be interested?  My best friend would probably reply, “Well, you’re a Leo, duh!” 

Really, my inspiration for setting up this blog was a workout today.  Now before you think that I work out regularly, you should know that this is, in fact, a rare event.  But back to the motivation…  I am belatedly thinking of 2009 resolutions and thinking February is a fine time to start them.  Why February you ask?  Well, because December 2008 and January 2009 were (are, we’re still in January after all, but because it’s almost over, I feel free to speak of it in the past for that’s where I wish it to be) disastrous months for me.  So I look to February as a fresh new start to 2009. 

Back to my purpose for blogging…  (btw, I have a strong predilection towards ellipses, so if you don’t like them, please ignore them.)  I was thinking, while sweaty and breathless on the treadmill this afternoon, that I need a fresh perspective and need to be more introspective.  I think that writing will be a conduit to both goals.  I hope that writing will keep me accountable, will inspire me, give me the prod in the behind to actually do some of the things I fantasize about, like: be a better mother, actually sew my own clothes, and make progress on my own personal evolution.   I know, pretty lofty goals, but it’s a journey, not an end point. 

So, if you’re finding your way to this little part of the internet world by chance, I hope you aren’t too bored reading about sewing, knitting, and motherhood, and occasionally seeing some pictures (must charge camera).   And in case you’re wondering at the title of this blog, “Unintentionally Funny,” it refers to my complete inability to be funny on purpose, but also my apparent genius at making an a&& out of myself.   Case in point: the thought that I could write a blog.


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