Last minute wrap skirt

I am leaving for sunny Puerto Rico this week and finally bought my bathing suit.  I have been putting it off due to the beached whale status of my body.  Post baby, the workouts have been scarce (as already noted in my first blog post).  I found one with enough shirring to hide most bodily sins of over-eating and under-exercizing and boy did I pay through the nose for this swimsuit.  Dawn is making her own suits for her trip to Hawaii.  Maybe sometime in the future, I will be confident enough in my sewing ability to attempt it myself.   I also paid through the nose bought a matching skirt to wear on my way out to the beach from my hotel room  so as not to embarrass myself until I get to the beach.  

But tonight, as I was doing yoga with a yoga dvd (the gym was closed, but I didn’t know it until I got there — If I worked out more, I might have known that already), I was thinking I could have made my own skirt to hide cover up my thighs instead of paying through the nose like I did.  Have I said I paid through the nose yet?  I have the perfect pattern for it.  I have even already made it.  It’s Indygo Junction’s “It’s a Wrap” skirt, IJ769.  I have previously made it up in a 100% cotton which ended up being a little too stiff (see my review on Pattern Review).  I was thinking of making it up in something with more drape this time and it obviously needs to be washable.  I’ve already lined up my sister as babysitter tomorrow so I can hunt out some fabric at this cheapy fabric store in my hood, P & S Fabrics.  I might change up the pattern a little because I am feeling like an expert already.  LOL !  I was thinking of doing a rolled hem on my serger.  Oh did I tell you I invested in a serger for Xmas?  I bought the Brother 1034D.  I’ve been taking a Serger 101 class on Pattern Review the last two weeks and digging it.  I have to practice my new found skills, right? 

Anyhoo, let’s see if I have time for it.  I have to make a spicy pumpkin pie tomorrow night not to mention making Jack a bunch of meals this week before I go. 

Oh and the parenting thing?  It’s been going a little better lately.  He’s such a sweet little boy.  I admire his zest for life.  I wish I had a little of that energy.  And I just love that he loves to jump…  just for the hell of it.  What a wonderful thing to watch. 

I guess I should show you a picture of my “It’s a Wrap” skirt.  You’ll have to pardon the photography, my BIL took the picture.  He’s taller than me so the angle is not great, but you can still see the skirt.  Hopefully future pictures will be much better for this blog.  Interesting  sidenote: I picked the fabric so it would match a specific t-shirt I had in a deep cranberry red, but the styles didn’t suit each other AT ALL!!!  Luckily, I had the teal t-shirt already and there were some teal bits in the skirt fabric to pick up on.  (uh oh, I just ended a sentence with a preposition — I hope my dad doesn’t read this.)

(post edited for better grammar)

It's A Wrap Skirt


One response to “Last minute wrap skirt

  1. Happy I found you! I’ve been thinking about sewing for ages, but I haven’t done much. It’s intimidating I guess. I bought a Husky 116 and so far I’ve made pajama pants. I love those damn pajama pants. I’m taking lessons beginning feb 11. Thanks for your inspiring site. I feel like I can do this, seeing how much you’ve accomplished with such a full plate! Good luck and keep blogging!

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