Found a fabric!

Ok, I ran over to P&S Fabric today while my sis watched Jack.  I had only an hour and didn’t think I would need the entire hour.  Well, when I said that it was a cheapy fabric place I wasn’t kidding.  They have a totally random selection of fabrics.  I must have looked through their entire selection 3 times, before settling on what I eventually bought.  I wanted a drapey fabric and something washable.  Well, I had to settle for drapey, but not washable.  I bought 2.5 yds of 100% rayon (chiffon, I think).  Their fabric guy doesn’t work on Sundays, so they only had a cutter who knew nothing about fabrics.  So one person who knows nothing + me (who knows nothing about fabrics) = no knowledge about fabrics!  According to Sandra Betzina’s “More Fabric Savvy”, rayon chiffon is not really washable.  She says not to pretreat it.  So I guess I am going to hand wash or dry clean this puppy.  She also says, “Do not attempt to work with this fabric when you are under time pressure.  You and the fabric will end up in a standoff.”  LOL.  That’s exactly what I am going to do.  Leaving on Weds you see…

Here’s some pics of the fabric pre-cutting.  It goes with my suit, pictured with said fabric.  It’s not exactly what I was looking for print-wise, but I think it will work.  Wish me luck!



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