Quick update – IJ769

So I cut out the wrap skirt yesterday.  Sandra Betzina recommends cutting chiffon in one layer, not on the fold.  Unfortunately, when purchasing the fabric yesterday, I went against the advice of my psychic self and bought only 2.5 yds, when I should have bought three.  Also, the cutter gave me the beginning yardage of the bolt which included some lovely adhesive stains.  Any advice as to how to get rid of traces of adhesive from chiffon? 

Long story short, I was forced to cut the pattern on the fold and lacking a suitably large area to cut, was also forced to move the fabric and pattern around on the table in order to cut.  BAD BAD BAD!!!  Needless to say, there will most likely be a slightly to moderately wonky hem on this skirt.  But as the fabric is drapey and it’s only a beach coverup, I don’t think it will be too noticeable or worrisome. 

Tonight it’s on to practicing rolled hems before finishing the skirt with rolled hems and hopefully I’ll have time to make and attach the waistband.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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