Picture of the year award… Not!

Well, I am back from my weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which I enjoyed mightily.  My friend Victoria was the perfect traveling companion and we couldn’t have been better paired as drinking partners.  😉 

Here’s an action shot of the final wrap skirt. 

wrap-skirt1It’s pretty darn blurry as it was taken with a blackberry camera, as opposed to a real camera, but it will have to suffice for now.  I am going to attempt to hand wash it and see how it fares.  I wore it every day to and from the pool and for our daily walks on the beach.  It fit all my needs for a beach cover up, meaning it covered my thigh area inconspicuously, and was sufficiently drapey.  I did manage to get it wet a few times, but it didn’t seem to do any damage, hence my bravery to attempt handwashing. 

I am presently taking an underlining class on PatternReview with Sarah Veblen so I am working on the half scale garment assignments for that class.  As I was away for four days and my full time job keeps getting in the way of my sewing, I haven’t really been able to work on them yet.  Hopefully I will be able to work on the assignments this week. 


Happy sewing!


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