I am paralyzed.

(Warning: a really long run on sentence follows)  I have over 20 patterns, probably around 30 yds of fabric in the stash (not including the 50 yds of muslin), a couple of different kinds of paper for tracing, my first Burda issue, I’ve taken 4 sewing classes, read tons of sewing blogs every day and bought a serger but still can’t bring myself to actually make anything.  (The wrap skirt I made for Puerto Rico doesn’t count – don’t ask me why, but in my mind, it just doesn’t.)

I have heard of people being scared to cut into their fashion fabric and thought they were crazy.  But now I can’t even open up a pattern.  I’ve already made an incredible investment in this new thing I want to do, sewing, but I am paralyzed.  (see above for my list of purchases made and time spent) 

How do I get out of this initial stage?  Any suggestions?  I’m beginning to think I am a wimp.

Speaking of the Feb 2009 Burda issue…  I jumped in whole hog and bought a six-month subscription.  Apparently, a lot of people are finding a whole bunch of patterns in this particular issue that they want to make up.  I perused it as soon as I received it and completely agree;  there are at least 5 or 6 patterns I want to make up, not the least of which is the lace pencil skirt.   I don’t have the issue in front of me, otherwise I would give the pattern number.  I have black lace and a deep red silk charmeuse that I want to make with that pattern.  I will underline the lace with the charmeuse utilizing all the new techniques learned in the last class I took on PatternReview. 

Hopefully writing this blog will keep me on track.  Stay tuned for progress with my paralysis…

P.S. A shout out to my mom: Happy Birthday!!!


2 responses to “Paralyzed

  1. addicted2fabric

    Hi there, I love your blog! You did a great job of the top, its gorgeous! I love the colours and fabric choices you used. Those plastic invisible zipper feet are really handy once you get the knack of using them. It helps to press the invisible zip flat first, with a cool iron and cover with a cloth so you dont melt it. Invisible zips really do make a nicer finish, but I totally relate to your fear of them, I think we’ve all experienced

  2. Thanks for your compliments Addicted2fabric!

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