Decisions, decisions!

WARNING: Long Post with no pics.

As I mentioned earlier, I am finding out just how much of a newbie I am working on my niece’s dress.  Every step of the way, I am paralyzed by a new decision I have to make.  I thought, mistakenly, that I knew everything I needed to know to sew having taken 4 classes on sewing.  LOL.  Oh the hubris!  So on Monday I traced the pattern pieces for Katie’s dress.  I had many questions about that and an emergency call was placed to Mom pronto.  Should I make duplicates of the pattern pieces that need to be cut out twice, but not on the fold, so I don’t have to unpin them, move them, then repin them and cut them out again?   She said no, but now I regret that, but we’re not at that part of the story yet. 

So Tuesday night rolls around.  I had grandiose plans of cutting out the fabric that night.  Now if you’re following my process so far, you’d know that I had already pretreated and ironed the fabric, so it was good to go.  I get home, make dinner for Jack, and he’s in bed by 7:30pm.  I have the whole evening to work on the dress.  What do I do?  I play on the computer for a while, watch tv and generally procrastinate.  Why?  I am scared to true up the fabric.  I am a grown adult.  Why am I scared to grain a fabric????  ARGH!  I kept thinking, I won’t do it right and the dress will be ruined.  Way to be positive Elizabeth! 

Now we’re at Wednesday night, last night, in this saga…  All day long on Wednesday, I was determined to do battle at the cutting table and get these pattern pieces cut out!  I even asked someone to pray for my sewing mojo.  Seriously.  Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, she forgot.  Fortunately for me, I did find my sewing mojo last night and cut out the pattern pieces.  Which leads me back to decisions during the sewing process…

So I had picked out the pattern and the view on the pattern, and the fabric.  In my mind, the decision making process is finito, right?  NOT!  Apparently there are decisions to be made every step of the sewing process.  I don’t know why this is so bothersome for me though.  It could have to do with my fears of doing something wrong or making the wrong decision and then ending up with a wadder.   Not to mention the pressure I feel to have this dress look perfect as it’s a birthday present.  So each decision has this cloud of doom hanging around it.  But, as a friend pointed out, what’s the worst that could happen?  It could be a wadder and then I’ll just buy a toy or something for Katie.  Not the end of the world. 

Ok, so here we are at Wednesday night, graining the fabric and cutting out the pattern.  I realize a few things:  1. My dining room table is not adequate for cutting 3 yards of 44 inch fabric, much less any large fabrics. 2.  My cutting mat is suitable for small projects only, i.e., quilting projects, and I need to get more mats or one really large one (but have you seen the prices for these????? OMG!).  3.  I really should have cut out duplicate pattern pieces for my cutting layout.  Sigh… Live and learn I guess. 

And then, out of the blue, another nasty and paralyzing decision needs to be made…  (I may have to do a word count on how many times I’ve used paralyzing in this blog already.  I had no idea how strong and primal the fear of failing is for me.  Note to self…)  My fabrics have strong patterns.  One, IMO, needs to run vertically on the skirt of the dress.  The other needs to run horizontally on the dress for the bodice and hem border.  Unfortunately, that would mean folding and cutting the fabric differently for each one.  And that would mean that, when laundered, there is the potential for wonkiness to occur because the fabrics are not “running” the same with each other.  Does that make sense?  I do not know all the official sewing jargon yet.   Another emergency call to Mom and…

A compromise decision was determined.  The skirt fabric HAD to remain vertical, so ergo the bodice and hem band had to be turned vertical as well.  Not optimal visually, but in the long term, the only decision that could be made.  I was absolutely stunned that picking out the fabric was not the end of my decision making process with regard to that fabric.   I am learning so much and I have barely begun this dress.  I am even more intimidated with sewing now, but even more determined.  I am in awe of all the people out there that sew their own wardrobes, like Carolyn.  The amount of decisions that woman has to make on a daily basis (she sews A LOT), is mind numbing staggering.  I have a lot of respect for these women. 

I have a knitting meet up tonight, so I won’t start the actual sewing portion of this dress for Katie until Friday night.  I’ll take pictures of the process then. 

Until then, happy sewing!


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