Identity Crisis

I’ve changed the name of my blog!  The domain name is still the same, so if you’ve added me to your rss feed, you’ll still be able to find me.   While the theme of being unintentionally funny (the former name of this blog) runs throughout my life, I think “Sew A Beginner” is a more accurate descriptor of the type of blog I am writing currently.  I am just starting an avocation  in sewing, so I am really a beginner.  This status of a beginner was painfully made plain to me as I started my niece’s dress this week.  But more on that in my next post.  

This blog will be a “record” of my sewing learning process, so it will probably appeal to mostly beginning sewists.  However, I hope my learning curve is not a long one and that my process will appeal to sewists of all levels soon.  Here’s to hoping!  😉  I may in the future write about my knitting or mosaic projects, but primarily my focus will be sewing. 

Happy sewing!


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