Oh no!

Well I attached the halter top bodice tonight and the dress looks great!!!!


 Except for this tiny little thing………………  It’s too small to actually work as a dress.  It came out to be a top only in length.  So now what to do?  I have enough fabric of the skirt print to make some cute pants for Katie to go with the now top.  But would that be too matchy matchy?  Maybe I could buy a solid coordinating color and use that print as an accent, like a hem ruffle?  Or is that too clownish?  Any ideas from you out in the ether?  Maybe a side seam insert, like tuxedo pants?  hmmmm….  Of course now that means I need to buy a new pattern.  I’m up to 26 patterns total now; I’ve used 2 so far.   But only one is a children’s pattern, this one, which is only dresses.  Uh… OMG!  I can’t believe I’m going to say this now… But this pattern also has tops on it.  Guess which view I made?  Yep, you guessed it, a TOP!!!!!  What an imbecile!  Me, not you.  How could I have not noticed that before??? pattern-envelope2



Also, I am not sure how to treat the seam that joins the bodice to the skirt.  The way the instructions tell you to deal with it is to just press the seam upwards.  No notes as to a zigzag finish or binding.  I zigzag stitched part and pinked the other part.  Here’s a pic of the interior…

bodice-construction1Let me know how you think I should deal with this please!  I am thinking I need to bind it so that it won’t be scratchy against her skin.  N’est ce pas?

Until then, happy sewing.


2 responses to “Oh no!

  1. I think it looks really cute. And you did a great job with the sewing. Even the most experienced sewers make mistakes sometimes!!

    I think both your ideas are good ( print or solid colour pants) although the easiest option would be to buy a pair of leggings like the model is wearing! As for the bodice/skirt seam, I would bind it so that its a nice smooth join. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Helen. I’ve enjoyed following your blog for awhile now. Thanks for stopping by. You are so right to just go buy some leggings. Great idea. And I am definitely going to bind the offending seam. I can’t have my niece feeling all scratchy. 😉

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