FOZ or Fear of Zippers has gripped me, my friends.  All I have left to do on my niece’s halter top, is to sew on a little 8-inch invisible zipper.  How can that be what’s keeping me from finishing this now late birthday present?  How can I be brought to my knees by a small thing like that? 

Easy.  A zipper can make or break this piece.  

To be honest, there’s one other aspect that’s holding me back.  I can’t recall if my humble Singer (and n0 I don’t know the model number off hand) has a zipper foot or a piping foot.  Most likely it’s a zipper foot which can pinch hit as a piping foot, but it most definitely is NOT an invisible zipper foot.  So last week, when I was purchasing the fear inducing zipper, I picked up a doodad.  That’s an Elizabethism for doohickey.  Apparently, I am the only person on this planet that says doodad, but I swear I heard it from someone else before.  Anyway… I bought this doodad that fits most sewing machines and becomes (from the two pieces) an invisible zipper foot.  Seriously.  Here’s a pic and the link (just scroll all the way down). zipperfootattachment

Has anyone used this before?  Is it a piece of junk?  Let me know please before I ruin my first garment!!! 

Hopefully, putting in this zipper will be just as easy peasy as the pintucks were.  Although I have to say my FOP (Fear of Pintucks) isn’t nearly as paralytic as FOZ. 

Wish me luck and happy sewing!


7 responses to “FOZ

  1. good luck with the zipper…the one and only I ever tackled didn’t come out looking so good, but I was really, really new to sewing…so new I didn’t know there was such thing as a zipper foot. So I am sure that you’ll do great!
    Hopefully that doodad will make it easy peasy!

    BTW, you’re not the only one that says doodad…it’s a common part of my vocab…along with doohickey, thingamajig & whatchmacallit. I am sooo technical.

  2. Zippers arent as bad as you think. As the saying goes Practice makes perfect. I do not know anything about the doodad (btw I have heard the phrase many times before, maybe I am showing my age) you purchased. My machine came with a zipper foot, perhaps you should play around with that first on scrap fabric of course. Take it slow but once you get started I am sure you wont let it defeat you.

  3. Still haven’t tackled it yet, but it’s mostly because my Mom is in town and we have a family bday this weekend. Maybe tonight?…

  4. I have that YKK zipper foot, as well as the coats one. I think it works best with YKK zippers, the channel that the zipper teeth go through is sized just for the YKK invisibles. The coats zippers have smaller teeth (another reason I think YKK invisibles are better quality). It works really well though, good luck!

  5. I didn’t know that the YKK zipper foot was for a particular zipper! Good to know. I actually don’t know what kind of zipper I used in the top as it was not labeled when I bought it out of a bin. Thanks!

  6. thanks for the laughs this morning. first one into work and had an upset stomach to start my day too! lovely not! I enjoy your current blogs so much and decided to read your blog from the beginning b/c you’re a really good teacher, as well as entertaining. I laughed out loud – thanks man!

  7. This is an old post, yes, but Nancy Zieman uses the same foot for invisible zippers. And you can tell what kind of zipper it is by looking at the pull. It will usually have three letters on it. “YKK” being one such combination. I just bought this foot, but havent tried it out yet. Happy zippering! 🙂

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