$&*(%$#$%$ Zipper!!!

zipperattemptsAs you can probably tell from the title of this post, my FOZ was amply justified.  And as you can see from my picture, the zipper is still not finished.   ARGH!!!

There were several unsuccessful attempts with this zipper.  The first attempt was great, except for the teeny tiny problem of it being sewn on backwards (with the pull on the inside of the top).  Of course I had sewn back and forth on both ends of both sides of the zipper which made my stitch ripping oh so delightful.  My second attempt was even more laughable.  Keep in mind, I am using an invisible zipper.  I sewed the zipper so that the stitches showed on the outside of the dress, thereby making my invisible zipper visible.  Very visible.  The third attempt, shoot, I can’t even remember the third attempt anymore.  The fourth attempt is what you see above except I already ripped out the right side of the zipper.  On the left side, as you can see, the stitches aren’t close enough to the zipper teeth or the edge of the f/f.  On the right side, before I ripped them out, the stitches were soooo close to the teeth that it was extremely difficult to zip and unzip the zipper. 

I am so over this zipper.  I want this top done gosh darn it (I don’t normally talk like this but I’ve decided this is a PG rated blog).   I usually use more colorful language but don’t tell my Dad. 

And it’s not like I haven’t put in an invisible zipper before; I have… on a pillow.  And it’s gorgeous.  And I didn’t have much trouble putting it in at all.  I think my FOZ got in the way this time. 

Ok, enough ranting and onto some good info…  My invisible zipper contraption worked!  Very happy about that.  And I used this link from Simplicity for a tutorial on installing an invisible zipper.  Here’s a zipper tutorial video from Threadbangers.  And a google list of other videos as well…

My zipper disclaimer:  I was very tired last night.  I probably shouldn’t have even attempted sewing in the zipper last night, but I really wanted to finish my niece’s birthday present before she turned 21 (she’s 3 for those of you who don’t personally know her).  I wisely stopped after the fourth attempt.  I will start anew tonight.  Hopefully I will be daisy fresh and free of frustration, and hopefully the fifth time is the charm.  Wish me luck please and happy sewing.


One response to “$&*(%$#$%$ Zipper!!!

  1. How frustrating! Sometimes you have to step away to make it work. Otherwise, find a friend who can do zippers and get some help on this one. Good luck.

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