We interrupt this program…

Ok, I know that I said, previously, that this blog would primarily deal with sewing.  But something happened over the weekend while we were at Barnes and Noble.  I saw the new Spring 2009 Interweave Knits magazine.  The cover sweater is rather lackluster, but the patterns inside were actually pretty good.  There were several things that I wanted to make for myself.  So, I guess I got my knitting mojo back.  I stopped at Purl in Soho for some yarn, a beautiful wool/silk blend in cream and I cast on for this beautiful shrug


Of course, since I was in the neighborhood, I had to check out the Purl fabric store (it’s just a couple of storefronts north of the yarn store).  I want to make blouse with some gauzy fabric.  I haven’t yet picked out the pattern, so if any of you have any suggestions, let me know…  The exact fabric I bought is not in the online store, but here is a sampling of similar prints and weight.  The fabric I bought is a cream background with delicate purple flowers.  Purple is my “pavorite” color.  (fyi: my 3-yr-old niece says pavorite instead of favorite, so we all say it now.)

Coming blog attractions:  a post on my current fabric stash and one on my next sewing project, vaguely referenced above.  Gotta keep my sewing chops and mojo going too!  The knitting is just to keep me busy on my subway commutes to and from work.  As my sister says, I have to be entertained at all times.  😉

Happy sewing and knitting!


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