Well…  I have realized that I should have done a guage swatch for the shrug, because apparently I am knitting for a giantess.   This sleeve measures about 18 inches in circumference as it stands now, but probably should measure 10 inches all around.

So I think I am going to start over on this project one more time before throwing in the towel.  9 times is a lot of do overs.  It’s just too darn big.   It should be 6 stitches to the inch and my “little” sleeve measures 11 stitches to the inch, which is significantly bigger.  So I am going to attempt it again by downsizing my needle size and see what happens.  And yes, I will do a guage swatch first this time.  For you sewing only people out there, a guage swatch is a kind of muslin for knitters. 

And speaking of downsizing, Jack and I are downsizing our living quarters this week.  This economy is kicking my butt and scaring the pants off said butt.  I want to stay close to my sister, so I am moving from a 2 bedroom apt to a 1 bedroom apt in the same building (my sister lives in the same building already).  Since it’s just me (Jack’s too young to pack up his things yet being only 20 months old), I will be furiously packing until Monday when the movers arrive.  Wish me luck…

So that means that blogging will probably be non-existent until next week.  Although, no promises here, I may sneak in another stash post while in my packing frenzy.

Until next week, happy sewing!


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