What should I make next?

With my unpacking from the move yet to be finished and a weekend coming up, I can sense some serious procrastinating in my near future!  And what better way to procrastinate than with the next sewing project. 

So my dear sewing readers, please point me in the right direction.  I will now give you a small peek into my pattern stash.  You have already witnessed the small, but still full of quality fabric stash (including recent purchases).  Before you peruse the pics and details, please keep in mind these three things: 1. I am a beginning sewist, 2. I am limited to the fabrics already in my stash, and 3. this project will only be started this weekend, not finished (I am no Carolyn who can finish and start a project in 10 minutes flat).  😉  And without further adieu, here are the contenders for Project Procrastination this weekend… …

First up, Hot Patterns 105, unfortunately they have retired this pattern from their website.  I think any of the gauzy cottons I have purchased recently would work with this pattern for a nice summery top.hp105

The next contender is Hot Patterns #104, again OOP (out of print).  And again, one of the Japanese cottons will be used.  How many times can I use the word again in one post???hp104

And the third option is the very first pattern I bought, New Look 6726, which for some reason is no longer available either.  Sorry folks!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had bought some black wool crepe from Kashi way back in August 2008 to be made up for this past winter.  Obviously life got in the way.  But never say never!new-look-6726

I would have loved to use the beautiful b/w fan print knit I have, but I was envisioning that as a wrap dress, and alas, I don’t have a pattern for one.  Shocking, because I keep reading about them on PR and thought I had bought one, but NO!

So what do you think people?  Which project should it be?  What makes the most sense in terms of current abilities and learning curve?  I am going to do my first poll.  How exciting is that???  You, dear sewing blog readers will have all the power in this decision (please at least one person vote!).


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