What I didn’t do this weekend

Well, procrastination just wasn’t in the picture for the weekend.  My good friend saint Lisa called me on Friday to inform me she was coming over on Saturday to help me unpack.  Luckily, I had booked a babysitter for Jack or we wouldn’t have finished a thing.  I can’t believe how much we accomplished.  She is really the best kind of friend.  Thank you Lisa!!!! 

I was able to get rid of lots of boxes, unpack and put away lots of stuff (stuff that I hadn’t even unpacked the last move!), organize my stuff and even find places for all the furniture.  There is no longer any need to mount the desk or table on the ceiling.  It’s actually a livable, play in-able space now.  I can hardly believe it.  And it’s all thanks to Lisa.  I could never have found the energy or creativity to finish this without her.  Did I say thank you enough yet?  I don’t think I ever can.  🙂

So the parenting side of the equation, this weekend wasn’t one of my better ones.  Maybe it’s the stress of moving and soon to be changing jobs,  as well as a toddler’s stress with all the changes, but we did not have a good weekend together.  I was completely shocked this morning when he preferred me over the nanny.  He was clingy with me.  I could barely put my make up on.  So surprising and somehow reaffirming.  Anyway, I am hoping that more patience comes my way and that someone slips me a better parenting mickey sometime soon.  Jack deserves it.

Remember that pretty Kokka fabric I bought at Purl?  Well I bought only one yard thinking that would be all I needed for a sleeveless or short sleeved summery top.  Well guess what kiddos?  All the patterns I have call for 1 7/8 to 2 yds!!!!  What the???  Why would a blouse call for that much yardage?  Compound this with the fact that the Kokka fabric is only 42 inches wide and I am in big trouble.  So I guess I will have to use that fabric for a certain little girl I know, my other niece Haley. 

Good thing I bought all that other gauzy cotton last week…  But of course, I needed some more, so I went internet shopping again today!  You can’t stop me now.  😉  I bought these two lovelies (2 yds each) from Fabric.com.

London Calling Cotton Lawn Lagoon

London Calling Cotton Lawn Lagoon

London Calling Cotton Lawn Lipstick

London Calling Cotton Lawn Lipstick


Can’t wait to get them.  As for the poll from the last post, the jumper won (thanks for voting in my first ever poll!), but I’m sorry to say that I’m just not feeling a wintery garment right now.  I am so jonesing for spring and maybe, just maybe, if I sew a spring/summery garment I’ll make it come sooner.  Right?  So now I’ll have enough fabric to sew up one of the blouses, but in the meantime, I think I’ll try my hand at a muslin.  Why screw up the good fabric when you could screw up the muslin first?   

And so begins my first muslin journey…  Happy sewing everyone!

PS:  I read the latest Threads last night; too tired to trace out my pattern for the spring/summer blouse.  Do you think it’s worth getting a subscription?


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