The girl just can’t read directions *shaking her head*

HP101 was supposed to be a super easy pattern for me to jumpstart my beginner sewing frenzy, but already I’m stumped!!!  I thought after reading all of the sewing blogs in my reader for these many long months (almost a year now) and two classes, I would be able to read a sewing pattern.  Sheesh! 

In my own defense, I don’t have all the requisite materials for this pattern, like single fold bias tape or the elastic yet.  And I thought I should be able to understand reading the directions without them in front of me, but it’s like reading Greek.   Here they are, the directions, in all their glorious obfuscation…


Is it just as confusing to you as it is to me???  Am I just word problem challenged?  How am I supposed to sew if I can’t read directions?  I don’t want to need handholding all the time (thank you Victoria for your patience in explaining  to me the most mundane things about sewing).  I am so frustrated with this aspect of my learning curve.  Can you imagine me trying to figure out a Burda pattern?  Everybody on PR keeps talking about how Burda’s instructions suck.  So I guess I just blew money on my subscription there.  *discouraged*

Question for you all out there in sewing land:  Can I substitute FOE (fold over elastic) for the bias tape/elastic part of this blouse?  Which would look less becky home-ecky?  From my limited understanding of the instructions, it would seem that the bias tape shows on the fashion fabric side, does that look nice?  I thought bias tape was more of an innard kind of thing (do you like my technical lingo?)  😉

On a more positive note, I did cut out my muslin last night.  I just have to pick up some single fold bias tape and elastic and I can start working on this again on Friday night.  Tonight and tomorrow night I have outings planned.  This is going to be a slow process for me as I am a working single parent and still have some sort of a life (ok, I only have a knitting group on Thursday nights, but I am counting that as a life), so I can only devote a few evenings here and there to sewing. 

Until later, happy sewing!


7 responses to “The girl just can’t read directions *shaking her head*

  1. I don’t know what you’re problem is, they seem pretty straight forward to me. (NOT!)

  2. I like step number 9: “Your top is almost done, just a couple of easy steps.”

  3. I’ve never done an HP pattern before, but I do know that Burda’s instructions are sort of sparse, but that is only my opinion. Thanks for commenting on my blog re: welt pockets.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. Hot Patterns instructions are a bit difficult to follow. If you want something a little easier, I think that Simplicity’s Runway collection has the easiest to follow instructions and good diagrams. Don’t give up. Rather than that, try to find someone to help you. We need people to be interested in sewing. Good luck.

  5. Urgh that’s horrific. She could take a leaf out of Amy Butler’s book – she does really good instructions, with the novice sewer (like me) in mind, unfortunately she doesn’t have a very big range of clothes.
    Thanks for the heads up – I live in Australia and hotpatterns don’t really have a presence here; it’s just the Big 4. I was thinking of buying a couple of patterns online but now I’m not so sure. still i am enrolled in a sewing class, so I’m sure with a bit of help form my teacher we’d muddle through. their stuff does look gorgeous.

  6. Don’t let instructions get in your way of buying new patterns. I am not sure if it’s just that I’m a beginner as well and the terminology and skill set is not there yet, that is so impacting my ability to read sewing instructions. Keep plugging along and find people to help you interpret! I think it was or Ann from Gorgeous Fabrics who just recently wrote about instructions and how they can suck. You should read her post about it. Very interesting!

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