So my coworker Victoria has the most amazing wardrobe and looks stunning every day.  She also knits and used to sew.  Oh and she’s pretty cool too.  Well this week she came traipsing in with the most amazing scarf.  Now I’m not talking of a winter scarf here, but more of an accessory kind of scarf.  You know, like the kind French women wear so wonderfully and oh so casually.  Maybe Victoria is French and she hasn’t told me yet.  Hmmm… 

Anyway, back to the scarf.    Darn!  I should have taken a picture of it; my written description of it will surely pale in comparison to the beautiful thing that it is in real life.  It’s a chiffon print with a rolled edge hem all around.  Now to the “beautifulest” part:  it has wavy strips of the same fabric sewn with a single line of stitching all down the width of the scarf (meaning perpendicular to the length).  The edges of the strips are left unfinished to fringe as they will.  It’s such an ephemeral look.  I have been plotting to steal it thinking about copying it for myself the past few days.  I have some chiffon in the stash that would be lovely as a scarf.

chiffon-and-silk2Either the one on the left or right will do, but I’m thinking I’ll probably use the one on the left. 

AND, I have another emergency gift to give this weekend.  So guess who’s gonna get this scarf now.  NOT ME, but Jack’s nanny.  People who know me, know that birthdays tend to sneak up on me even when I know when they are.  Anne’s birthday is this Saturday, and I know she likes to dress up for church and she likes handmade things, so what would be the perfect gift?  But this beautiful beautiful handmade scarf of course.  I will have to make one for me someday too.  

So this little scarf project is going to interrupt my Hot Patterns Spring top for tonight.  But I am stopping by my local fabric/notions store on my way home to buy the supplies I need to finish up the muslin this weekend.   Hopefully, I will read the directions again and this time they will magically make sense to me.

Happy weekend sewing!


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