“The project that would not end,” or “How I hate chiffon”

UGH.  That’s all I have to say. UGH.

Instead of delusions of grandeur, I have delusions of sewing.  How on earth did I think that I could hand sew 25 chiffon scraps to a chiffon scarf in one evening?  Do they sell reality pills at all?  Because I need a prescription.  Bad!

I honestly don’t mind hand sewing.  It is relaxing, as some others in the sewing blogosphere have mentioned.  However, I do mind how frakking long it takes.  OMG!  I think I only sewed about 4 or five of those scraps on in three hours and halfway through that miniscule am0unt I had to start using an embroidery loop for greater control. 

I don’t mean for this blog to be a constant negative rant, but my learning curve is really frustrating me.  The funny thing is though, that I am not feeling frustrated as I do the different steps.  It’s afterwards when I’m thinking about how the project’s going or blogging about it.  I am quite methodical and dare I say, patient (?!) when actually in the thick of things.  I am well known to friends and family to be lacking in the virtue of patience, so it is quite ironic to say I am patient when sewing. 

How I wish I could use my sewing machine for this project.  :sigh: 

Well, let me leave you with a few shots of my in process hand sewing and a pic of the original inspiration piece, Victoria’s scarf.

fabric scrap with hand stitching

fabric scrap with hand stitching

Scarf with some scraps hand sewn

Scarf with some scraps hand sewn

The gorgeous original scarf

The gorgeous original scarf

My scarf is shorter in length and skinnier.  The fabric scraps on my scarf are wider, more widely placed and more wavy than the original scarf.  And I haven’t frayed the scraps yet. Not sure if I like my version as much as the RTW scarf.  I’ll have to think on this…

4 responses to ““The project that would not end,” or “How I hate chiffon”

  1. Oh, another BG fan – I so love how they added an acceptable expletive to the lexicon!

    But – to the point – you need some SERIOUS ego reinforcement right now.

    You’re on the right track – you think through the process, you ask questions, you get others engaged in the problem, seeking answers.

    Keep on this track and it will get easier.

  2. That is quite an ambitious project.

  3. Thanks for the pep talk! I needed it. 😉

  4. You’re telling me! hoo boy, can’t wait till this one’s off my plate.

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