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What I didn’t do this weekend

Well, procrastination just wasn’t in the picture for the weekend.  My good friend saint Lisa called me on Friday to inform me she was coming over on Saturday to help me unpack.  Luckily, I had booked a babysitter for Jack or we wouldn’t have finished a thing.  I can’t believe how much we accomplished.  She is really the best kind of friend.  Thank you Lisa!!!! 

I was able to get rid of lots of boxes, unpack and put away lots of stuff (stuff that I hadn’t even unpacked the last move!), organize my stuff and even find places for all the furniture.  There is no longer any need to mount the desk or table on the ceiling.  It’s actually a livable, play in-able space now.  I can hardly believe it.  And it’s all thanks to Lisa.  I could never have found the energy or creativity to finish this without her.  Did I say thank you enough yet?  I don’t think I ever can.  🙂

So the parenting side of the equation, this weekend wasn’t one of my better ones.  Maybe it’s the stress of moving and soon to be changing jobs,  as well as a toddler’s stress with all the changes, but we did not have a good weekend together.  I was completely shocked this morning when he preferred me over the nanny.  He was clingy with me.  I could barely put my make up on.  So surprising and somehow reaffirming.  Anyway, I am hoping that more patience comes my way and that someone slips me a better parenting mickey sometime soon.  Jack deserves it.

Remember that pretty Kokka fabric I bought at Purl?  Well I bought only one yard thinking that would be all I needed for a sleeveless or short sleeved summery top.  Well guess what kiddos?  All the patterns I have call for 1 7/8 to 2 yds!!!!  What the???  Why would a blouse call for that much yardage?  Compound this with the fact that the Kokka fabric is only 42 inches wide and I am in big trouble.  So I guess I will have to use that fabric for a certain little girl I know, my other niece Haley. 

Good thing I bought all that other gauzy cotton last week…  But of course, I needed some more, so I went internet shopping again today!  You can’t stop me now.  😉  I bought these two lovelies (2 yds each) from

London Calling Cotton Lawn Lagoon

London Calling Cotton Lawn Lagoon

London Calling Cotton Lawn Lipstick

London Calling Cotton Lawn Lipstick


Can’t wait to get them.  As for the poll from the last post, the jumper won (thanks for voting in my first ever poll!), but I’m sorry to say that I’m just not feeling a wintery garment right now.  I am so jonesing for spring and maybe, just maybe, if I sew a spring/summery garment I’ll make it come sooner.  Right?  So now I’ll have enough fabric to sew up one of the blouses, but in the meantime, I think I’ll try my hand at a muslin.  Why screw up the good fabric when you could screw up the muslin first?   

And so begins my first muslin journey…  Happy sewing everyone!

PS:  I read the latest Threads last night; too tired to trace out my pattern for the spring/summer blouse.  Do you think it’s worth getting a subscription?


What should I make next?

With my unpacking from the move yet to be finished and a weekend coming up, I can sense some serious procrastinating in my near future!  And what better way to procrastinate than with the next sewing project. 

So my dear sewing readers, please point me in the right direction.  I will now give you a small peek into my pattern stash.  You have already witnessed the small, but still full of quality fabric stash (including recent purchases).  Before you peruse the pics and details, please keep in mind these three things: 1. I am a beginning sewist, 2. I am limited to the fabrics already in my stash, and 3. this project will only be started this weekend, not finished (I am no Carolyn who can finish and start a project in 10 minutes flat).  😉  And without further adieu, here are the contenders for Project Procrastination this weekend… …

First up, Hot Patterns 105, unfortunately they have retired this pattern from their website.  I think any of the gauzy cottons I have purchased recently would work with this pattern for a nice summery top.hp105

The next contender is Hot Patterns #104, again OOP (out of print).  And again, one of the Japanese cottons will be used.  How many times can I use the word again in one post???hp104

And the third option is the very first pattern I bought, New Look 6726, which for some reason is no longer available either.  Sorry folks!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had bought some black wool crepe from Kashi way back in August 2008 to be made up for this past winter.  Obviously life got in the way.  But never say never!new-look-6726

I would have loved to use the beautiful b/w fan print knit I have, but I was envisioning that as a wrap dress, and alas, I don’t have a pattern for one.  Shocking, because I keep reading about them on PR and thought I had bought one, but NO!

So what do you think people?  Which project should it be?  What makes the most sense in terms of current abilities and learning curve?  I am going to do my first poll.  How exciting is that???  You, dear sewing blog readers will have all the power in this decision (please at least one person vote!).

Uh oh…

As you know, after painstakingly documenting the bounty that is my fabric stash, I came to the conclusion there wasn’t enough.  And, since my apt is so crowded with furniture and things, I decided to buy some more fabric!  Lucy at tipped me to the major fabric sale (think 50% off!!!) at and, of course, I had to head on over and buy some fabric to fill out the stash ranks.  I want to make a few cotton blouses for the summer for myself.  So this is what I bought, 2 yards each:




The last fabric will be for a child’s garment.  Not sure what though. 

Can’t wait to receive them in the mail!!!

Happy fabric buying and sewing!

Stash 201

Okey dokey!  Here’s the rest of my stash…chiffon-and-silk

Pic number 1 has the silk chiffons, two prints and one solid with rippled effect.  The plan is to make blouses with these chiffons.  Oh, in case you were wondering, purple is one of my favorite colors.knit-and-knit-lining

Pic number 2 has a beautiful black and white fan print knit with the accompanying white knit lining.  In the photo, it looks like a cream color, but in real life, it’s really white.  This knit is destined to be a wrap dress for this summer!stretch-cotton

Pic number 3 is the cotton stretch woven with an alhambra print in black and white.  It was one of the first fabrics I bought back in August 2008.  Back before I knew that matching prints is a PITA…  Oh and it has this nice sateen finish.  This fabric screams skirt to me.wool-crepe

Last pic is of a plain black crepe of medium weight.  Not really interesting to look at on the screen, but it has a really nice hand.  I am going to make a jumper out of this one for next fall.  It was supposed to be made over this past winter, but the best laid plans….

Two things to note:  1st, all of these fabrics were bought from Kashi at Metro Textile between August of 2008 and now.  2nd, I can’t believe that this is all I have in the stash.  I thought I had so much more.  I guess that means I have to go shopping.  A girl has to have a respectable stash, does she not?  How else is someone supposed to go stash shopping??? 

Happy sewing and fabric shopping….

ETA on 3/18:  By the way, for some reason $76  is my magic number at Kashi’s.  I never seem to leave there without spending exactly $76 dollars; no more, no less.  Why is that?  Do other NYC metro area people find this happens to them as well?

Move Debrief

Well, I am moved into the new apt, but it isn’t a pretty site.  I am thinking that I need to nail the desk and the round table to the ceiling as there is just not enough floor space to go around for furniture, much less for Jack to play.  He has been completely unhinged by this move, poor little guy.  Hopefully he’ll acclimate in a couple of days.  I keep hearing how children are resilient though. 

It was a grueling 18 hours of hard labor.  I am thankful to two dear friends for taking pity on this single mother helping me out, Cayce and Lisa.  I don’t think I could have done this without them. 

Next up: the Stash Exp0sé continues…

Pet Peeve

I can’t stand seeing people out on the street with their coat vents still sewn together.  It drives me nuts.  I have to fight the urge to inform them of their idiocy.  Today, I saw no less than three people with their vents still sewn closed on my morning commute. 

I think it should be a retailers’ sworn duty to inform all consumers that vents should flap freely once purchased. 

I couldn’t find a really great picture on line except for the following, which sort of demonstrates what I’m talking about. . . vent-sewn-shut

We need to stamp this practice out!  Join me in telling people that they are just wrong when you come upon this major problem.  Ok, I am not going to tell people, but I wish someone would.


Well…  I have realized that I should have done a guage swatch for the shrug, because apparently I am knitting for a giantess.   This sleeve measures about 18 inches in circumference as it stands now, but probably should measure 10 inches all around.

So I think I am going to start over on this project one more time before throwing in the towel.  9 times is a lot of do overs.  It’s just too darn big.   It should be 6 stitches to the inch and my “little” sleeve measures 11 stitches to the inch, which is significantly bigger.  So I am going to attempt it again by downsizing my needle size and see what happens.  And yes, I will do a guage swatch first this time.  For you sewing only people out there, a guage swatch is a kind of muslin for knitters. 

And speaking of downsizing, Jack and I are downsizing our living quarters this week.  This economy is kicking my butt and scaring the pants off said butt.  I want to stay close to my sister, so I am moving from a 2 bedroom apt to a 1 bedroom apt in the same building (my sister lives in the same building already).  Since it’s just me (Jack’s too young to pack up his things yet being only 20 months old), I will be furiously packing until Monday when the movers arrive.  Wish me luck…

So that means that blogging will probably be non-existent until next week.  Although, no promises here, I may sneak in another stash post while in my packing frenzy.

Until next week, happy sewing!