The eagle has landed!

Or, how I won the Battle of the Chiffon!

Well, last night I fixed an eye on my Singer 5160 and was determined to finish this scarf.  I took some more of the advice I was given on Pattern Review and cleaned out the bobbin area of my machine.  I opened the plate and, lo and behold, there were all these dust bunnies in there!  I used the handy dandy brush that came with my Singer and dusted away.  I even used a stiff piece of fabric to clean out the bobbin tension discs.  After screwing the plate back on, I took my Singer on a test drive with some chiffon scraps…

And voila!  It worked.  No more loose stitches on the bottom and no more chewing of my precious chiffon.  I couldn’t believe it.  No more hand sewing for me! 

I quickly sewed on the remaining scraps, frayed them and the scarf was done!  Here is my rendition of Victoria’s beautiful RTW scarf…

Anne's Scarf

Anne's Scarf

Scarf, end detail

Scarf, end detail

Closed up of scarf w/ frayed scraps

Closed up of scarf w/ frayed scraps


Next up in the queue is NOT going to be the spring/summer scarf, but an easter basket for Jack like this one that Liesl of Disdressed made…  I am going to use the cute planets and rockets fabric I bought from Purl recently.

Happy chiffon sewing everyone!


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