I’m not feeling it…

Folks, I’m just not feeling the Easter basket project at all.  And since Easter’s just a handful of days away, I really don’t want to pressure myself and not enjoy it.  So, I’m taking it out of the queue.  I hope I can dig up Jack’s Easter basket from last year.

Maybe next year…  Or maybe I’ll use the fabric for a little boys shirt.  Hmmm…

Happy sewing everyone.


2 responses to “I’m not feeling it…

  1. Can you go f0r Russian Easter? April 19th. I always swore that the Russians figured out how to do Easter on the cheap – just rig the calendar so Easter falls a week (or more) behind. Half-price Easter candy! And yes, that’s exactly what I do.

  2. haha! Is that the same as Greek Easter??? Maybe I’ll pretend Easter is next month. Seriously though, I can’t find the wicker basket from last year, so I might just have to pull this out of a hat at the last minute. OMG!!!

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