I couldn’t resist showing a progress report picture of my shrug.  It’s going along rather quickly now and I wish I could work on it 24/7 until it’s done.  But this stupid work thing keeps getting in the way!  😉

Whisper Cardigan Sleeve

Whisper Cardigan Sleeve

This time around the measurements are right on gauge!  I guess sz 5 needles were the ticket.  I have my knitting group tonight and can’t wait to go and knit. 

I might have to go late though as I have to make some food for Jack for tomorrow.  Let me tell you though… I have not had any cooking mojo for quite some time now.  I just don’t know how my mom had a fresh dinner on the table every night.  It takes herculean efforts for me not to call for takeout.  My sister is great at getting fresh, exciting food on the table every night too.  While I can cook rather well, it’s just not my focus right now.  I am way too obsessed absorbed with knitting and sewing.


Good news!  I am going to test drive some sewing machines this weekend.  My friend Rachey (Rachael) and her husband are driving out to NJ this Saturday.  I, of course, invited myself casually mentioned that there were some sewing machine stores in that area that I’ve been meaning to check out.  Woo hoo!  They’re picking Jack and me up Saturday morning and I could come back early that same evening with a new sewing machine!!!  I could maybe even finish my top for the Spring Top Sewalong on time.  Wouldn’t that be nice!  The only fly in the ointment is Jack’s nap.  I am hoping we can time it so that he can nap in the car.  Here’s to hoping!


There’s a new class at Sew Fast Sew Easy that I am considering taking; Kenneth King is teaching a 5-class series on Moulage for a pant pattern.  The only pre-req is the class I already took, but I’m not sure I have the kind of sewing perspective or experience for this course.  What do you think?  Am I being a wuss?

Happy knitting and sewing!


6 responses to “Updates

  1. A class with Kenneth King – take it in a heartbeat sister! He knows his stuff and he’s a great instructor, plus he has a terrific sense of humor – and is good with all levels of sewing ability.

    Do you feel the jealousy waves coming your way?

    And good luck with your test drives in Jersey – you hafta feel the machine before you buy it.

  2. Ok, I’m taking it. Yeah! Can’t wait!

  3. After you’re done with the class, I’d like you to use your newly minted magical powers to make me look like the model that Kenneth features on his website. We don’t call you Queen of Friggin’ everything for nuttin’.

  4. I’ve already discussed, in another post, how delusional it is to think the following: if I make that xyz dress, I will look exactly like the model on the pattern. If only! 😉

  5. Are you kidding? The delusion is part of the dream!!!

  6. Elizabeth, you just made my day with your sweet comment!!! I wish you were near and could come and hang out with me at the studio!!! If you have work you’d consider selling, just let me know. It’s people like you that I’m working with. Congrats on the new sewing machine!!! That’s so exciting. I have so many sewing projects on hold right now that it’s driving me crazy not to do them! If you ever come out to Amish country, let me know!! I’ve taken the train into NYC a few times and I just love it there. love.
    xo ~ bethany

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