Ahhh, the weekend…

I’m really looking forward to this weekend.  The weather here in NYC is supposed to be glorious.  I am going sewing machine shopping tomorrow and spending the entire day on Sunday with Jack outside.  CAN’T WAIT!!!  Hopefully I’ll have a new sewing machine and will have sewn up some of my muslin for the Spring Top Sewalong in which I’m participating.

To hold you off until the next post…  here’s a pic of the Whisper Cardigan progress since last time.whisper-progress

And, because I can’t resist…  A shot of Jack from last weekend.  We were at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and he just loved running on the grass and doing “Lazy Town” (he tries to imitate the gymnastic moves of the lead character, Sportacus, all the time).  So cute, if I do say so myself.IMG_3016

Happy knitting and sewing everyone!


2 responses to “Ahhh, the weekend…

  1. Hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous weather!!! I love your sweater so far!!

  2. THanks Bethany! We are enjoying it. Jack and I are going to play all day outside today. Can’t wait. Thanks for the compliment on my sweater. Although now that I have a new sewing machine, I might be doing less on the sweater in the evenings now. 😉

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