Hope for Kai

Liesl at Disdressed had a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift!!!  And I am shamelessly going to copy her follow her lead. 

I live in Lower Manhattan and am part of a neighborhood group of mothers called the Hudson River Park Mamas.  We have over 700 members and are a resource for each other day in and day out, answering questions, giving advice, and just general networking in and around the neighborhood.  When I moved to this part of NYC as a new mom, it was great way to plug into family friendly activities  in the area as well as to find other new moms.  I love being a part of this group and now there is one more reason to love it.

One of our own kids, a little 5-year-old boy named Kai, was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia.  Not only that, but his father was diagnosed last year with incurable lymphoma.  HRP Mamas is sponsoring bone marrow donor drives in the neighborhood over the next couple of weeks.  The test is quite simple, a cotton swab of your mouth and you’re done.  If you are a match, donating bone marrow is a simple outpatient procedure. 

But, now this is the best part…  You don’t have to live here in Manhattan to register as a donor!  Please consider registering as a donor and giving Hope For Kai!  DKMS is the national donor registration site and you can register for a kit there.

Now what says Happy Mother’s Day more than giving another mother hope for her son?


2 responses to “Hope for Kai

  1. This is a great cause! Thanks so much for posting about it and raising awareness! I’m having a bone marrow transplant myself (I’ve got Aplastic anaemia) in 3 weeks’ time and the donor really and truly is saving my life. All my family and friends are on the registry here in the UK so I really hope they’ll find a donor for little Kai.

    (and my Mom is flying over to spend the whole summer with us as I recuperate so my card will get there a little earlier than real life hugs!)

  2. I feel very honored that you visited my little blog! Thank you so much. And I am so happy to hear that you found a match! That is an amazing gift! I will keep you in my thoughts for a successful and speedy recovery.

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