Sew excited!!!

Tonight is my first class with Kenneth King at Sew Fast Sew Easy and I can’t wait!  It’s a class on moulage to draft our very own personal, customized, just for us pant pattern!!! 

Courtesy of Sew Fast Sew Easy, here’s the class description:

The moulage is the foundation of the couture pattern drafting system taught by the Ecole Guerre-Lavigne in Paris. This is a system of measuring the figure, calculating, and drafting a pattern. Using this system of measuring, you will draft your own custom fit pant pattern.

In this class, you will learn:

–  Some history of the development of pattern drafting systems
–  The proper way to measure the figure, for this system
–  Calculations of the measurements in both inches and metric
–  How to draft the Moulage front and back pant pattern.
–  How to make adjustments to the muslin pant pattern to ensure proper fit. 
–  Demoing how to add side front pockets, pleats, high faced waistband, fly front—details to enable them to actually make a trouser they want to wear

I thought this might be too advanced for me being the humble beginner that I am, but others have assured me that now is a good time to take it.  So I am!  And I can’t wait.  Did I mention that already?  That I can’t wait?  Oh wait, maybe I did.  Well you can’t blame me for being excited. 

I have Mr. King’s book, Cool Couture, but have only skimmed through it yet.  Hmm…  guess I should have already, shouldn’t I have?  It looked divine though.  I also saw him on Threadbangers and discussed all over the “internets”.  Kenneth King sounds like an amazing teacher and I can’t wait to take the class.  (Oh I said that already.  Oops!)

Stay tuned for the first class debrief tomorrow!


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