By special request

One of my close friends recently had a very premature baby.  He’s doing pretty well considering how early he was born, and we have lots of people holding him in their thoughts for his continued good progress.  In preparation for his homecoming, his mom asked that I make him a wooby (spelling???).  Her first son has one and she wanted one made for the latest addition to her family.  Fair’s fair, right? 

I don’t have any experience in wooby making, but I will give it a try.  Having never seen one before, I asked her for an exact description.  She said that it was a soft cotton on one side and flannel on the other with batting inbetween and quilted.  There is no binding.  The dimensions are 36″ by 54″.   I have never quilted before, so this project will definitely challenge me.  I want to make this as simply as possible to ensure a quality outcome, but still have it be beautiful. 

If you’ll recall, I have the perfect fabric for a little boy.  Shall we take a look at it again?  Oh thank you for saying yes! 

Jack's fabric's with orange cotton lining

Jack's fabric's with orange cotton lining

I am going to use the rockets print.  Isn’t that so cute?!?  I bought a really cute orange striped flannel from recently and it goes perfectly with the rockets cotton. 



I’m so excited.  I think I already have batting from when my mom worked on a quilt at my apt a couple of years ago.  I will have to see I have enough of it though.  I think I will use the flannel to create a simple binding too.  And I will embroider his name and birthdate on it too!  I have those options on my Viking Emerald 183.  Ooooh, I have so many ideas right now,  I can’t wait.  Maybe I’ll start this tonight!

My only question is, what kind of design should I do for the quilting???  Any suggestions?  A rocket shape?  Is that too complicated?  Free form?  a grid?  Help people!  I know that when my mom quilts, she tries to incoporate the theme of the quilt into the actual quilting.  *sigh*  Uh oh, I feel beginneritis coming on again…

Well anyway, happy sewing everyone!


One response to “By special request

  1. I have been sewing/quilting for years (and years). If it’s your first quilt, why make it too difficult I say? Unless you practice any free form, you don’t want to get to the actual quilt and mess up…so why not go for the traditional quilt look with grid quilting? It’s super easy – and gives a beautiful look after it’s been washed! Good luck. You may have already made the quilt…I found a link to your blog from a sewing site about sending stash items to Iraq. I enjoyed visiting with you in the middle of the night (when I couldn’t sleep!).
    Carol Sloan

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