Pint-sized art apron

First an update:

No, I haven’t started the woobie (corrected spelling thanks to Kate!) yet.  I have to order some stencils for the quilting part.  Since there is no piecing for this project, I am going straight to the quilting.   I had a talk with the quilt expert (Mom) last night and she advised to quilt first in straight lines going in the same direction as the pinstripes on the flannel and then fill in with shapes that pertain to the print of the cotton, which is rockets and planets.  So there will be some internet searching today to find some stencils for that part of the project.

Now back to this post’s topic:

Jack and I went to a birthday party for a gorgeous little girl named Mia this past weekend.  She is only a month older than Jack, so I am fairly certain that she would be into the same kinds of things as he is at this stage.  Right now, Jack can’t get enough of finger painting, so I thought I’d get her some paints and make her a little something to go with it, kind of a themed birthday present.  Her mom, Tanya,  and I are friends and belong to the same knitting group in our neighborhood.  Tanya also sews and made Jack the cutest little stuffed animal for his birthday last year.  So I knew she’d like the little arts and crafts apron I made for Mia. 

This would have been a really quick and easy project had I remembered how to do it.  I had made aprons for all the women in my family two years ago as Christmas gifts (given with awesome cookbooks of course), but this was before I even knew I wanted to take up sewing and I had a friend helping me then.  So the order of construction was completely forgotten*.  At the time, the aprons seemed an extraordinarily simple project.  And they are, if you are a reasonably intelligent person.  Unfortunately, I am not. 

I spent a total of 3.5 hours on this project when it should have taken one at the most and made two wadders before I finished the gift.  But who’s counting???  *You might be thinking to yourself, “what order of construction?” since there no sleeves to set in on an apron.  Well, here’s my warning to you when you make your apron:  Don’t forget to add the straps into your seam allowances!  And in case you’re wondering, yes, that’s what I forgot to do on Wadder #2.  It was a mighty fine apron if you didn’t need it to wrap around your waist or hang around your neck.  I attempted to add the straps after the fact, but it just wasn’t pretty.  And let’s not talk about how I forgot that one should stitch the seam all the way around in one go, rather than iron one side and stitch, iron the next side and stitch, etc.  It was a horrendous mess!  Oh and Wadder #1?  Well, there was a slip up with the rotary cutter. Thank God my finger wasn’t in its path!

Wadders #1 and #2 took me until 11pm on Friday to make.  The party was at 10am on Saturday.  There was a moment there when I was going to just chuck the whole project.  But I thought, what’s another hour less of sleep going to hurt?  I pushed on and I’m glad I did.  I was done by midnight!  Here’s version #3 in all it’s cuteness (if I do say so myself):

mias apron

Here it is shown with the original inspiration on loan from my niece, Katie.

Mine and original

And here is a detail of how I sewed the straps into the seam allowance.

detail on straps and seam

I used hem tape ribbon for the straps and neck loop.  It’s all I had on hand and didn’t have time to make self fabric straps.  Also, I liked the black accents with this print.  Another bonus was that it’s soft for a little girl’s delicate skin!

Check out this for a beautiful wedding dress that a groom made for his bride!!!

Happy sewing everyone!


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