This quilting thing is complicated!

What is up with how complicated quilting is?  I”m not even piecing the top of this woobie and I am already running into design issues.  How do I quilt this sucker?  My mom suggested using machine stitched straight lines and then adding handstitched rockets inbetween.  I’ve been drawing different layouts, but it either looks to sparse or if it looks good, it will be the next ice age before I finish hand quilting this woobie and the poor kid will be a grandfather.

After work today, I am going to stop by the City Quilter for advice and supplies.  I just found out this woobie will be needed soon — fingers crossed — so I have to get cracking this weekend.  I need matching thread, cotton batting, and something called “Magic Sizing” (according to my mom this is a quilting necessity). 

I know, I know… you’re shaking your head at my too ambitious plans.  But we’ll see.   Never say never.  Here’s a stencil I found for a rocket:

space ship

Wish me luck tonight and this weekend!  Stay tuned for a post about Day 3 of my moulage class w/ Kenneth King.


2 responses to “This quilting thing is complicated!

  1. Straight lines is definitely easiest. Do you have one of the extender side bar guides that goes through the shank of your sewing machine to help space out the rows?
    Viking calls it an edge/quilting guide, and it’s super handy for that.

  2. Oooh, sounds like I “need” one of those pronto!!! 😉 No I don’t, but I decided to do a diamond pattern instead, so one of those doohickeys will not help me anyway. But something to buy for the future! I am off to Sew Fast Sew Easy tonight to pick up a walking foot.

    Thanks for stopping by Wendy!

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