Project Updates

Woobie Quilt

Last night, I ironed both the top and backing fabrics for the woobie and straightened both so they were on grain.  I sprayed adhesive on the backing and adhered the batting and then repeated with the top fabric.  There was a lot of adjusting so that everything was sandwiched just right and on grain.  After that, I hand basted the fabric sandwich together to further stabilize the layers and minimize as much movement/slippage as possible.  Tonight I am going to machine quilt a diamond pattern from the middle out to the sides of the quilt.  Then I will hand quilt the rockets and planets using sashiko thread and needles.  I am hoping that employing the sashiko style of embroidery will speed up the hand quilting process.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  😉  Wow, there are so many steps in this process and I’m not even piecing the top of this quilt.  This is just crazy involved.  I am reserving judgement until it’s all done to see if this is something I like to do and ever repeat again.  Another thing I have discovered is that there are design decisions at every.  step.  of.  the.  process.  for quilting, going way beyond just picking fabrics and choosing the piecing design, like:

  • Do you want the quilting thread to “show” on the top of the quilt or the bottom?  What color thread?  Do you want variegated?
  • Do you hand or machine quilt?  Or both?
  • What kind of binding?
  • How thick of a batting do you want?
  • What design are you going to use for the quilting?
  • Etc.

I have a new-found respect for Mom now and how intricate and finely designed her quilts are.  WOW!  I will definitely treasure them always.


Whisper Cardigan

I am almost done with the first section of the sweater.  Progress is slow as I only knit on my commute to/from work.  The first section consists of the right arm to the top portion of the back to the left arm, with a beautiful vertical stitch effect of gathering at the CB.  It measures about 36 inches across, sleeve to sleeve.  The next section to be worked is the collar and waist part. 

Here’s a couple pics of my shrug thus far…  It was hard to get the whole thing in one picture without sacrificing details.


Bell Sleeve

Bell Sleeve

Vertical gathering at CB

Vertical gathering at CB


I promise the next post will definitely be about my moulage class with Kenneth King, day 3.  I have to take a picture of my sloper muslin for you first.

Happy sewing and knitting!


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