Question of the day — Deadlines?

Simplicity 3678

Simplicity 3678

I find I work best under deadline, whether it be real or self-imposed (read imaginary).  So here’s what I’m going to do this weekend.  I am going to finish up the size 14 Simplicity 3678 to give away and work on the size 12 version with my nice fabric.  The goal is to wear it to work next week.   Am I crazy?  LOL!

Here’s the pretty pretty fabric I am going to use for the size 12… 

Purple Rain knit from Metro Textile

Purple Rain knit from Metro Textile

It’s from my last trip to Kashi’s at Metro Textile with Karen I believe. 

So how do you work?  With real or imagined deadlines?  Or are you like Carolyn, Dawn and Cindy with an inspiring and naturally prolific output?

Happy sewing!


9 responses to “Question of the day — Deadlines?

  1. Very funny! I usually have a specific date to wear a garment so I do work with a deadline, and I procrastinate so I sew under pressure!
    Can’t wait to see the second dress, the second time around will go so much faster too!

  2. I am a newbie was well and so happy I found your blog! (Comforting to know I’m not the only one finding it hard to get past paragraph one of those instructions) In answer to your question: well, I did try to give myself deadlines… but I would invariably miss them and my work would be so shoddy since I was in a rush. So now I’m trying to slow down and enjoy it a bit more without firm deadlines (the only thing is that the fun really starts to dissipate after I’ve been working on the same thing for days and don’t have a finished outfit to show for it) I’m sure success lies somewhere in the middle 🙂

  3. Sometimes I have a deadline for things and have mixed results with the outcome. Fancy dress costumes for particular parties have worked out very well, and I made a dress in a day for a friend’s birthday party once… but there are two tops I was making and decided “I want to wear this tonight” and they’ve come out disastrous both times… however it was with the same fabric each time so I have a theory that i’m just cursed not to manage to make anything with that fabric. I guess I sometimes impose deadlines but always have in the back of my mind a backup plan incase all ends disasterously, but most of the time just sew whenever and whatever, which is probably why i have so many UFOs lying around.

  4. Actually I do work every weekend under a self-imposed deadline…try to finish it to wear to work that week. Some projects just won’t make it because they are too involved but it’s amazing what 8-10 straight hours on a Sunday can accomplish!

  5. Another lovely print and agree with Cindy, the second time around will go much faster.

    As for me. I try to organize by choosing a
    pattern on Monday, do the pressing, cutting & marking over several days through the week.. By the weekend, I dive in.

    If the project is easy I will wake up at the crack dawn on Saturday, pair fabric to pattern and off I go.

  6. That’s a great schedule! Thanks for sharing it. I wish I could sew all day on the weekends, but with a toddler, that’s impossible. *big sigh*

  7. Only in my dreams would I have that much consecutive time to sew. Only 16 years until Jack’s 18. LOL!

  8. I don’t think I’m brave enough to try and make a dress with a real deadline. I think I would die of the stress of it! 😉 If I have one advantage, I know my limitations.

  9. I’m going to take tip out of your playbook and try to enjoy every part of the process. 🙂

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