Because I can’t keep a secret…

I was up until 2am last night working on Simplicity 3678 with my good fabric.  I just couldn’t let it go.  I had to get it to a point where I could try it on and see how it fit and looked on me.  I didn’t insert the sleeves or do the hem yet, but here’s how it looks!

final fabric full view wo sleeves or hem

It’s actually a bit snug in the bodice (how could going only 1 size down make such a difference???), but still a little big in the skirt part.  I can definitely live with the bodice, and if I ever lose the baby weight (like that will ever happen!), it will be perfect. 

I have another sewing lesson tonight with Thea, so I’ll ask her how to address the skirt.  We’ll finish up the sleeves and hem tonight too!  I just might make my “deadline” of wearing it to work this week.  I am so excited.  I’m going to call this my Purple Rain dress.  Other people in the sewing blogosphere are naming their wardrobes, so I’m jumping on the band wagon.  I know 1 dress does not a wardrobe make, but cut a newbie some slack here.  😉

I will post a more substantial review of Simplicity 3678 later this week.  I had my doubts that this dress would look good on me, especially in the too large size, but I am quite please with how it’s turning out.  It’s amazing what the right size will do. 

Happy sewing!


5 responses to “Because I can’t keep a secret…

  1. From this angle, the fit looks great! Especially thru the hips, very sexy. Congratulations.

    The way the print worked on the bodice, though, is maybe kind of swirly and intense — I would suggest considering the direction of the print more when cutting the pattern pieces next time you try this.

    But, this pattern cut looks really nice on you!

  2. Ooh! Good point about the bodice. Hadn’t thought of it. At least there are flowers on the bust points. 😉


  3. This is a definite improvement over the first version. Big 4 sizing is weird, you’re getting as much an education in that as you are in putting the thing together.

    Congrats on (possibly) making your deadline.

  4. Ohhhh that’s my fabric…I love your new dress!

  5. Wow — the dress looks great. I have yet to try this pattern, but after seeing your dress, I’m definitely going to move it up in the rotation

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