Mini Sew Along

Saturday surprises and a rare weekend posting from me!  Well, not exactly surprises since I was expecting them; I received two fabrics today.  One in the mail, and another from a friend and fellow sewist.  First the mailed fabric:  I bought some cotton shirting from Reprodepot the other day.  It’s a cowboy theme to go along with the indian buttons I bought off Etsy the other day too.  I think they’ll look cute together.  Now I just need to find a simple little boy shirt pattern.  Hmmm…

cowboy cotton shirting

Indian buttons for a shirt for Jack

Indian buttons for a shirt for Jack


The other fabric is for a mini sew along with my friend Tanya.  She emailed me the other day asking if I wanted her fabric.  It was a stretch cotton and I think she wanted a plain cotton, no stretch.  She had 6 yds of it!  I don’t know what she was planning to make with it, but I told her I would be happy to take 3 yds off her hands.  Tanya suggested that we have a sew along using the same fabric and see what we both come up with the 3 yds each. I thought that was a fun idea. 

So what should I do with this?

floral stretch cotton

I’m thinking a simple summer unlined sheath dress.  Pattern suggestions?

Happy sewing!


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