Nothing like a sewing lesson to jolt you…

back into the land of sewing.  I have nothing to show for it, but hopefully I will after this evening.  Thea, my sewing guru/teacher was over last night, but all we really did was talk about sewing.  We looked at all my new patterns (oh my, I have a lot of patterns now) and talked about what I wanted to accomplish.  A lot of my sewing angst is derived from my life long love/hate of “process” and my current figure (or lack thereof).   Process is how you get from point A to point B.  I’m not a big fan of process, but I do want to get to a lot of point B’s and expect it to happen instantaneously and magically through little effort of my own.  Is that asking too much?  😉

We’re going to work on my pant sloper (again!).  *sigh*  Hopefully something will come of it this time.   For some reason, one side is missing a half inch that the other side has.  How on this green earth that happened I have no idea.  So tonight we are going to hunt for the missing half inch. 

For now, I will leave you with this beautiful boy.   I believe I’ve introduced him before…  His name is Jack and he’s my very own torture device.  🙂  Please note the red socks he’s wearing when his outfit has nary a red theme in it.  He is obsessed by red socks, which he calls blue socks.  He does know his colors, but still calls his red socks blue.  He will not wear any other color socks, which forced me to buy 5 pairs so there is always a clean pair at hand.

photo 2

I only say he’s my torture device because we (and I do mean we!) have been sleep challenged this week.   Hey, do you recognize that skirt?  That’s the 3 hour “20 minute” skirt that I recently altered to be more “fitted”.    What do you think???

Sneak preview:  Next post will be about my Burberry raincoat.

Happy sewing!


4 responses to “Nothing like a sewing lesson to jolt you…

  1. Aw, the skirt is so cute!

    I spent most of my sewing life HATING process. Pressing seams… clipping notches… drove my mom bonkers because I was “get it down NOW” about everything. I don’t know when I tilted more towards enjoying the sewing process. Classes helped- so I could see “why” you did the steps. And looking at the sewing blogs of everyone & seeing what steps they did & why.

  2. Hmm. Per your blog and Wendy’s response above, sewing seems to be very therapeutic. It seems to be kind of an art that helps you work through issues while you create something. So much of the handiwork that was part of daily living is no longer necessary and so many of us don’t learn these kinds of lessons. Maybe that’s why there are so many neurotic people in modern society.

  3. Hear, hear Nikki! I agree. Actually, this post on the Made by Hand blog speaks of this very thing. How timely!

  4. Pants! wow, I am trying to figure out that one!

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