Please don’t say, “I told you so”.  I know I’m not supposed to sew late at night, but I did anyway and now I can’t wear my new dress tomorrow. 


Please help!  Is there a way to salvage this????  I serged the sleeve on inside out.  See picture below.

 stupid sleeve mistake

Can this be fixed?

Please tell me it can.  Please.  I really want to wear this dress this week.  I had hoped to do so tomorrow, but can’t with the sleeve on inside out.  Everything was going well, despite being super slow this time around.  I just don’t understand why it took so long.  And I still have to hem it.  But I am quitting for the night as I don’t know how to remedy the sleeve situation and I’m too tired to hem it. 

I hope tomorrow morning I will wake up and one of you kind sewing souls will have provided a solution.

I hope your sewing was more productive.


5 responses to “HELP!!!!

  1. My recommendation would be to cut a new sleeve, it doesn’t look like that much fabric, and you should still have some seam allowance to attach it to the dress.

  2. Yes! This dress can be saved. It is possible to unpick a serged seam, just take your time. For next time, try basting the sleeves in place before you do your final stitching.

  3. I would try to unpick the serging before making a new sleeve. Just be very careful! It can be done…I have done it!

  4. I have a shirt that I bought at the Gap Outlet that has all of the seams serged on the outside. It appears that when it was at the Gap factory the final step of sewing in the label was done on the outside of the garment instead of the inside, and for whatever reason an entire run of these shirts (just a basic crew neck long sleeve T with horizontal stripe design) were done with this mistake. So, to the outlet store they went where someone like me bought it for $1.99 and thought that the serging on the outside was a design feature until I learned to sew this year and I realized that somebody screwed up.

    You can always wear it that way. I wore my shirt for years thinking that it was supposed to be that way.

  5. Thanks everyone. I see some serious unpicking in my future tonight. Kerry, you cracked me up with your design feature t shirt story!

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