Trench Sew Along Update

Trench Coat Sew Along button 

Things are starting to percolate at the Trench Sew Along!  We have a few new members and some have already introduced themselves/started discussions on the planning process.  We’ve been posting different pattern ideas (I posted more today).  There are some fellow newbie sewists, so don’t be afraid to join thinking your sewing chops aren’t up to snuff.  We’re all jumping off into the deep end on this one.  We will learn so much from this project and it will serve to push us to another level of sewing while demystifying some techniques.  Don’t be afraid of messing up.  I hate making mistakes myself, but the main thing I’ve learned on my sewing journey is that mistakes are how you learn.  Besides, that’s what the muslin is for, right?! 

Big Trench Sew Along News:  I’ve lined up a guest blogger who’s been “in the trenches” before.  She will share her experience and give us tips on how to make our very first trench coat. 

Show everyone you’re participating in the Trench Sew Along and use our sew along button/widget.  Grab the picture above and use the following html code: <a href=””><img src=”” style=”margin-left:20px;” height=”160px” width=”160px” /></a>

Please join us!


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