Question of the Day: Pattern Review vs Stitcher’s Guild


I just joined Stitcher’s Guild today.  Now, full disclosure here, I haven’t really checked it out yet, so this is not a review per se on Stitcher’s Guild.  As you know I am enthusiastic user of Pattern Review.  But I have noticed right away that different sewists use Pattern Review than those that use Stitcher’s Guild.

There are similarities between the two, both have boards, a beginner sewist section, contests, and a techniques section.  The one thing I don’t see on Stitcher’s Guild is class offerings, but maybe I missed it my cursory glance.  I will definitely take more time in the coming weeks to see what Stitcher’s Guild has to offer.

So my question of the day for you all is which do you prefer and why?


I have an update on how my first pair of pants wore on their first day of use.  First, let me say that they needed to have a little more structure for the lightweight fabric from which they were made.  The waistband seemed flimsy.  I am not a fan of the invisible zipper in front.  They wrinkled like crazy and pilled at the inner thighs.  PILLED!!!  What’s up with that?  The fit is still fabulous for my first pair of pants though.  One thing I will change next time  is the length for capris; they were too short.  When I sat down, they tended to hike above my knees which was weird and uncomfortable.  I compared them to some RTW capris I like from Ann Taylor and they were about an inch to an inch and a half too short.  Not sure how that happened.   One question I have is with a stretch fabric, should you automatically draft a pattern more fitted than you would for a non-stretch woven?  Let me know if you have thoughts on this.  Sorry, no pictures of the pants in action.


Jack and I have been back from San Diego a few days now and are settled back into our routines.  We had some tough times out there with the time change and new environment, but I think when we go back in December for Christmas, he might be a better little traveler.  Here’s a picture of one of the good times…



Happy sewing everyone!


2 responses to “Question of the Day: Pattern Review vs Stitcher’s Guild

  1. Kids do love their face paint. Too cute.

    As for the knit vs. woven issue when it comes to patterns, what I know about pattern drafting is that darts have to be removed from a fitted pattern. You want the least amount of ease you can get away with requiring smaller seam allowances as well. If you use a regular woven pattern and you do not accommodate for these issues you will have a floppy, loose, noodle item.

    I recently used made my second pair of pants by copying a pair of pants that had a little lycra in them and the new pants wouldn’t have any. I had to add inches to each side of my protege pants to allow for ease and darting or I wouldn’t have been able to get them on past my ankles.

  2. If the woven fabric has 3-4% lycra, I wouldn’t change the SA’s until you try on the pants. The low amount of lycra is more for comfort.


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