What a fun evening!

Just what I needed to recharge…  I met Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic for the first time for dinner last night and it was a blast.  I have been reading Carolyn’s blog for over a year now and am always impressed with her tremendous output and bottomless creativity.

We had a lovely dinner at a restaurant in Rockefeller Center and just talked and talked.  Carolyn shared more of her sewing history with me.  We commiserated on parenting and work.  We talked about Fabricmart, Gorgeous Fabrics and Kashi at Metro Textiles.  Time just flew. 

As we were walking to the subway/Port Authority after dinner, we continued our conversation.  Carolyn kindly offered to pre-approve my future online fabric purchases as I am still not an experienced fabric buyer in person, much less online.  Remember the dot fiasco???  This afternoon I needed to rest my eyes at work and took a little trip to Fabricmart online.  I found all of their prices to be ridiculously reasonable.  I especially liked the silk chiffons but I know to stay away from those until my sewing chops are a little better.  However, I did find the following fabric (click the picture for a link to the site so you can buy some yourself!)…

Fabricmart imperial purple wool coating

Isn’t that a gorgeous eggplant purple?!?!?  If you haven’t already noticed, purple is my favorite color.  I asked Carolyn if she thought the wool would be a good fabric for the following unlined coat, Vogue 1060…


Carolyn said it would be great for that pattern, so I “accidentally” bought 4 yards of it.  Can’t wait to feel it in my own two hands.  I definitely need a fall coat.  Don’t you?  🙂

Now I know what you’re thinking, “What’s she doing buying fabric for a fall coat when she hasn’t even started the trench coat yet???”  Well, I am about to post my trench coat progress on the Trench Sew Along, so check it out at after 9pm ET today (Sept 18). 

Needless to say, I am feeling better now after my too small muslin for Butterick 5314.  Thank you to all who were supportive with my perhaps TMI post about it (hey, at least I didn’t post a picture of my post-baby belly!).  And a special thanks to Karen for politely saying I didn’t look pregnant.  😉  Actually, I am going to meet Karen for some textile shopping tomorrow and she’s going to meet my little guy for the first time.  Can’t wait.

Happy sewing and muslining!


6 responses to “What a fun evening!

  1. I am so jealous! I would love to meet both of you in real life – and to sit and chat about sewing sounds divine!

    Love the eggplant fabric you chose – the coat will be lovely, I’m sure!

  2. OOOO, that will be a great coat. I, too, am starting a coat – I just found that Petite Plus Patterns has put out a new swing coat pattern and instead of the usual raglan or kimono sleeves, this actually has a lot of seams(the better the fit me with) and a regular sleeve! I am psyched. I already shrank the wool for the coat and the hair canvas so this weekend’s part of the project is making the muslin.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time with Carolyn. I love the fabric you picked out for your coat. I can’t wait to see it finished.

    Is the trench coat sew a long closed to new members yet? I know it’s late but I have a few patterns sitting around. This would be a good boost for me to get started.

  4. The fabric for your coat is gorgeous.. the color is so rich. Glad you had a great time.

  5. Thanks! I’m excited about the coat fabric. Shannon, you should come to NYC and we’ll all meet up!
    Toby, that swing coat sounds beautiful.
    Andrea, you should definitely join our trench sew along. I sent you an invite.
    Sheila, thanks!

  6. Oh wow I’m not surprised Carolyn encouraged you to buy the purple fabric, it’s just gorgeous!

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