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Hiding out

My apologies for being absent the last week.  I have been under the weather morale-wise.  Although my ennui has nothing to do with sewing, I haven’t sewn a thing since my last lesson with Thea where we figured out what was wrong with the raglan sleeves on my trench (more on that later). 

I have been knitting though.  I started the commission and my son’s yearly sweater.  I find knitting, especially patterns I’ve done before, very therapeutic.  It builds my confidence while keeping the feelings of accomplishment going. 

Hopefully I will snap out of this mental malaise soon. 

Happy knitting and sewing to you all.

Good times

I am smiling this morning.  Ear to ear. 

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to attend a small gathering of like-minded people to share our mutual love of sewing.   Carolyn hosted and she’s a great hostess (serving lasagna, garlic bread, salad, appetizers, the works!).  We shared our stories, talked about the pros and cons of blogging, shopped Carolyn’s fabric closet… 

We also all brought fabric to be donated to Carolyn’s local high school.  I brought some boucle I bought from when the Vera Wang Lavender collection went on sale a while back.  It just wasn’t what I thought it was going to be when I received it.  It was too electric blue.  But when Carolyn found out that I was going to donate it, she said no way and brought out some burgundy colored silk that paired with it and magically, the blue became more of a purple.  Weird.  So Carolyn insisted that I keep it.  I think I will give Carolyn some other fabric in my stash to donate to her local high school instead.  🙂

Karen, Cidell and Wendy were there.  I have met each of them before and hope that I can now call them my friends.  There were three others whom I have not met before: Barbara, Cindy and Lindsay T.  

The highlight of the visit had to be seeing Carolyn’s mighty stash in person.  I was so envious, I had to avert my eyes.  😉  She has some AMAZING fabrics in that closet.  Wow!

Here are some not to great pictures to memorialize the occasion.  I hope we can meet up again soon!

Lindsay T, Cidell, and Carolyn

Lindsay T, Cidell, and Carolyn


Cindy and Barbara

Cindy and Barbara


Wendy and Karen

Wendy and Karen

My first commission

A co-worker saw the hat and scarf  I knitted for Jack recently and requested a hat for her niece.  She bought the same yarn, Koigu merino wool, but in another colorway.  Isn’t this pretty?

Koigu pinks purples

Instead of payment we are bartering talents.  She’s a fantastic Italian cook and Jack’s favorite dish is pasta fagiole.  So she’s going to make him a big pot of it in exchange for the hat.  Perfect!

Happy knitting and sewing!

Screwing up my courage

Have you noticed the preponderance of late night sewing in my posts?  Well, I have and I know why too.  Most nights it takes me a good two hours of procrastinating before I finally screw up enough courage to sew.  It’s not that I think sewing is difficult, but that I want it to be perfect.  And I’m such a beginner that nothing is going to be perfect. 

So, then I just put it off until I realize that I have to get things done and start at 9:30pm or 10pm.  I do actually want to wear this trench coat before winter sets in.  But last night, my courage never showed up.  Tonight I have my lesson with Thea.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to conquer my fear of interfacing and get further along constructing my trench.

Happy sewing!

Creeping along…

I thought I’d post this on my own blog rather than the Trench Sew Along even though it’s about my trench coat.  I am just embarrassed at how slow things are going and I don’t want to post about each line of seaming at the sew along.  That would get old real fast.  My latest sewing phobia is “Fear of Interfacing”.  I have to interface the collar, the belt, etc.  and am procrastinating doing so.  I’ve never interfaced before (well, on a garment), so I am more than a bit nervous.

I did finish my pockets and pocket flaps last night though.  And I am a little meh about them.  What do you think?


Of course, there was a lot of late night sewing, so the flaps could be better sewn and the top stitching could match a little better.  I was trading emails with my sewing teacher last night about the flaps and think we had a miscommunication somewhere along the way, so she didn’t understand what I was asking vis a vis the topstitching and I didn’t understand what she answered because it didn’t answer my question at all.  ARGH! 

At this point though, I am not going to do them over.  It’s a small detail (the lack of one extra line of topstitching on the flap) that could look on purpose as a design element.  Also, I just don’t know how you would avoid getting that “box” of stitches in the corners of the flap.

Anyway, that’s all I have to show since my last lesson, pockets and flaps.  That’s it.  Did I mention I am slow sewist and that I make things more complicated than they are? 

Happy sewing!

Trench disaster

Ok, it’s not on the scale of the Titanic, but I had a mini-disaster with my trench last night.  Click through to the Trench Sew Along to read all about it.  If you have any advice, let me know!

Also, I’ve turned to cannibalism.  I explain that too.

Happy sewing!