Creeping along…

I thought I’d post this on my own blog rather than the Trench Sew Along even though it’s about my trench coat.  I am just embarrassed at how slow things are going and I don’t want to post about each line of seaming at the sew along.  That would get old real fast.  My latest sewing phobia is “Fear of Interfacing”.  I have to interface the collar, the belt, etc.  and am procrastinating doing so.  I’ve never interfaced before (well, on a garment), so I am more than a bit nervous.

I did finish my pockets and pocket flaps last night though.  And I am a little meh about them.  What do you think?


Of course, there was a lot of late night sewing, so the flaps could be better sewn and the top stitching could match a little better.  I was trading emails with my sewing teacher last night about the flaps and think we had a miscommunication somewhere along the way, so she didn’t understand what I was asking vis a vis the topstitching and I didn’t understand what she answered because it didn’t answer my question at all.  ARGH! 

At this point though, I am not going to do them over.  It’s a small detail (the lack of one extra line of topstitching on the flap) that could look on purpose as a design element.  Also, I just don’t know how you would avoid getting that “box” of stitches in the corners of the flap.

Anyway, that’s all I have to show since my last lesson, pockets and flaps.  That’s it.  Did I mention I am slow sewist and that I make things more complicated than they are? 

Happy sewing!


3 responses to “Creeping along…

  1. Hi Elizabeth, You’re further along than I am! I have my trench muslin cut out but am procrastinating because I don’t have another person in the house who likes or is interested in sewing and therefore any fitting issues are a MAJOR mountain to climb up … and over, for me and it’s so hard to do it yourself. However, you have inspired me to get going and start sewing it together. Well done with your pockets, remember it’s your first trench coat you’ve ever made, wear it with pride and file away the things you would improve on next time you want to make a coat.

  2. “Did I mention I am slow sewist and that I make things more complicated than they are? ” You are too funny.

  3. Think of it this way: How many people (besides your son, who we know won’t point it out) are going to have their faces right down there by your pockets? And how many of them will care or even notice if there are two lines of stitching or two? And why would anyone care if there’s a box of stitches in the corner or not?

    I love the color of your trench. Just keep going, you’re doing great!

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