Screwing up my courage

Have you noticed the preponderance of late night sewing in my posts?  Well, I have and I know why too.  Most nights it takes me a good two hours of procrastinating before I finally screw up enough courage to sew.  It’s not that I think sewing is difficult, but that I want it to be perfect.  And I’m such a beginner that nothing is going to be perfect. 

So, then I just put it off until I realize that I have to get things done and start at 9:30pm or 10pm.  I do actually want to wear this trench coat before winter sets in.  But last night, my courage never showed up.  Tonight I have my lesson with Thea.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to conquer my fear of interfacing and get further along constructing my trench.

Happy sewing!


One response to “Screwing up my courage

  1. Leaving your sewing to late at night when you are tired seems like a good way to ensure that it isn’t perfect. 🙂 I guess if you make a bunch of wadders (and don’t give up) you will eventually get over your fear of imperfection.


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