I can’t believe it

Out of the 6-80 patterns I own, I have only one or two skirt patterns and neither of them are tickling me just right.  I really want to make some cool pencil skirts with the fabric I got at Paron’s a month or so ago with Karen.   Something simple with one little design feature that will make it look special, but not a feature that will torture my little mind.  This skirt is supposed to be my palate cleanser after the trench coat.  So I guess I am going to peruse my Burdas tonight in search of the perfect little pencil skirt.

These are the fabrics I think would look great as a pencil skirt:

stretch suiting from paron's


In trenching news, I finally put up my update post.  Check it out at the Trench Sew Along


2 responses to “I can’t believe it

  1. BWOF has a ton of great pencil skirts, so you should be able to find a good one. 🙂

    Are you lining it?

  2. They are both perfect fabric choices for pencil skirts! Can’t wait to see them.

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