I coulda been a contenduh!

Ok, so here are my Burda contenders for my next project after the trench….  They are not all pencil skirts.  What do you guys think?  I haven’t yet checked PatternReview to see if anyone’s made them up yet.  Let me know if my fabric choices are not appropriate to any of these projects.  Remember, I’m clueless a newbie.  😉

First up in no particular order preference, 11-2009-120.

Next, 4-2009-101B.

And finally, 6-2009-125.


And for memory purposes, here’s a repost of the fabric.

stretch suiting from paron's


So what do you think?  Let me know!


9 responses to “I coulda been a contenduh!

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I like the first two skirts best. The third skirt may look better with not quite so stiff fabric being used although the intention is to make it poufy I know… its probably just me!! Not something I would wear. The grey fabric you have would look great in the first skirt, however if you want a sharp crease for the inverted pleat your grey fabric may not have quite enough body (need to test first) and you may need a fabric with slightly more body for the second skirt. It’s really hard to tell without seeing what the pattern actually recommends for fabric.

  2. Alot of people have made the second skirt from the April 2009 Burda and had a lot of success with it. I personally think you would look fantastic in it to…it would work with a twinset or a jacket for work in either fabric!

    Let us know which one you decide upon!

  3. Totally loving the second skirt and runner up is the 1st one. The last one is nice, I purchased something along the lines of that skirt from the Loft and I think it added bulk to my already bulging belly. Great fabric selection.

  4. I’ve made the second skirt, and I like the first one almost as much. Third one . . . those folds could land in the wrong place way too easily. I made a similar BWOF skirt that I love the look of, until I put it on. Every time.

    I’m just saying.

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