Can you say “YUM!”?

I absolutely j’adore the following two items from Burda’s December edition.  LOVE THEM!!!  Can you say pencil skirt here I come?  Or how about the comfy sweater thingy??? 

Burda 12-2009-112

Burda 12-2009-119


I checked FabricMart and they have a navy sweater knit that might work, but I am not sure it’s as “thick” as this sweater knit.  If you have any suggestions on where to get a similar fabric for this extremely comfy looking sweater, I am all ears!!!

Can it get any better than this?  And, I think I actually understand the directions for both AND they’re at my skill level.  A marriage made in heaven!

Happy sewing!


2 responses to “Can you say “YUM!”?

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    My new Burda hasn’t come yet! I love that skirt, it is gorgeous.
    Not so much with the jacket. I had a look at the fabric via the link you put up and I think it would be too fine. Perhaps you can find some actual woollen knit (not a ‘stretch’ knit (ie poly/lycra), something that has more body to it and will hold the shape better. I think you would be disappointed with the end result using the navy, I think it would be incredibly drapey and pull the jacket out of shape.
    I had a look online and even this one: would probably be too drapey. This could work: although beware it does stretch only in the width. And this one is nice too and would work:
    Have fun!!

  2. Oh I love it so much. My heart almost skipped a beat, or two.

    Love the simplistic design of the skirt – it’s visually interesting without being overworked.

    And the sweater? Well, damn, I’m a sweater-lover too. Sheesh. I can’t read this blog anymore, dangit, I’ve got Christmas shopping looming over my head and taunting my wallet!!!

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