I succumbed

At the advice of Sue who commented on my last post about the December Burda issue, I trotted over to Gorgeous Fabrics online and bought some fabric to assuage my need for instant gratification.  I know, you’re shaking your head at me right now.  Why is this girl buying online when she lives in NYC you’re asking yourself.  Well, even though I live in the city, it’s not very convenient from my home or work to pop over to the garment district and I haven’t sourced out a store for sweater knits here yet.  So I found the following two fabrics on sale and can’t wait to receive them. 

Feast your eyes!

This sweater knit…

Heathered Gray cotton sweater knit from Gorgeous Fabrics

 For this Burda sweater.

Burda 12-2009-119

This tweed…

Brown Harris-type tweed from Gorgeous Fabrics

for this Burda skirt.

Burda 11-2009-120

And let’s not forget one of these fabrics…

stretch suiting from paron's

for the latest Burda pencil skirt.

Burda 12-2009-112

I think I have more than enough to keep me busy now.  Don’t you think?

Happy sewing everyone!


4 responses to “I succumbed

  1. Maybe you and I can pop into the Garment District sometime, together? I am in desperate need of some notions (need neutral buttons) and wanted to price out some ostrich feathers!

  2. Oooo, great fabric choices.

  3. I buy sweater knit online too. It’s too hard to look for in the stores…if Ive bought it IRL its because it was staring me in the face. The pieces you’ve got are great…and will make awesome pieces!

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