Thank you!


I am so overwhelmed by all of the positive response I have received on my trench coat here, at the Trench Sew Along, and at Pattern Review.  This sewing community (and you too Mom!) are the nicest, most supportive bunch of people.  Ever!

And speaking of Mom; she asked if Jack was about to hug or kiss Katie.  Yes!  He adores Katie, one of my gorgeous nieces, who was posing with me as my sister took the pictures.

A lot of the commenters made mention that they thought I wasn’t a beginner anymore and thought I should change the name of my blog.  *blushing*  Hmmm…  Maybe someday.  But I still have not constructed a dress or a jacket, worked with set in sleeves or a collar with stand, among many other things.  So, I think I am still a beginner for now.  But I will probably change the blog name…. someday.  😉

Karen B. said, “I’d love to hear how you attached the lining as that is a total mystery to me.”  I didn’t do anything fancy.   I just used the same pattern pieces as the fashion fabric minus the facings (plus the seam allowances) and sewed it right sides together with fashion fabric.  Surprisingly easy.  Then you tack the lining to the shell at the armpit seams and slip stitch by hand the arms to the fashion fabric.  Let me know if you still have questions.

Rachel said, “I’m particularly jealous of your perfect top-stitching!  Do you have a trick to getting it that nice and straight and even?”  Honestly, I don’t have a trick and it’s not that perfect either.  😉  But from 2 feet away it looks pretty good.  I just did all the edge stitching first and then used the edge of my foot as a guide for how far away to stitch from the edge.  It came out pretty evenly the entire time give or take a wobble here and there. 

Again, thank you so much for all of the lovely comments.  I am so proud of this trench.  I could not have done it without the help and encouragement of this awesome online sewing community.  I would never have attempted it if not for the nudging of Sue!

And a big thank you to Karen for graciously guest blogging on the Trench Sew Along.

Happy sewing!


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