Meet my new friends and fabrics

Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet up with several NY Pattern Review members for a PR shopping day in the garment district.  A huge thank you to my sister for taking care of my son so I could enjoy a whole day fondling fabrics and the company of like-minded people.  Eight sewists showed up: Catherine, Emory, Cynthia, Ann, Sarah, Mikhaela, Peter and the two Elizabeths (one of them being myself).  Peter was a hoot and it was great to finally meet one of the 2-3 men from PR.  Unfortunately, his identical cousin Cathy was not able to make it to our gathering.  We had wide-ranging sewing experience between us all, from one person who was only one month into her sewing journey to one who teaches sewing. 

The crew at Greenberg & Hammer

We met up at Greenberg & Hammer to shop their notions and moved on from there to Metro Textiles, H&M Fabrics, Ebad Fabrics, Botani Buttons and Modeani Fabrics (the store that is continually going out of business apparently for years).   All new places to me except for Metro Textiles.

At Greenberg I bought some embroidery floss for 25¢/piece and tailor’s crayon.  Crayon, not chalk.  Elizabeth, the other one (3rd from the right of the people standing in the picture above), swore by the tailor’s crayons.  Haven’t tried it out yet though.  From Botani, I bought some embroidery scissors, and several styles of buttons for my nieces’ projects I have planned soon (more info on that in an upcoming post) and a big ole bag o’ buttons.  I don’t have much of a button stash, so when I see bags of them, I just buy them. 

Buttons, floss and more...

I bought the most fabric from Kashi at Metro Textiles.  A few knits, some remnants…  Sarah turned me on to the remnant bin at Kashi’s.  I didn’t know he had one before this and I’ve been going there for over a year now.  Sweet!  I have two border prints which will be dresses some day, a Missoni-like sweater knit that will be a tank and cardigan set, a black and white knit remnant which will be a top, and heavy flannelly like denim-like (those are my technical terms, not Kashi’s) fabric which could be a pencil skirt and some boy’s pants.  Oh, I also bought my first plaid.  I like that it’s not your typical plaid; it has a pink stripe in it.  I only bought a yard, but now think I should have bought some more because of the matching necessity.  Oh well, live and learn.  Here are some pics of my new stash and of all of us crammed into Kashi’s store.

Shopping at Metro Textiles


After taking a lunch break, we hit up H&M fabrics, both of them, Ebad and Modeani.  I bought the following stuff…  From H&M I got this beautiful blue ombre knit for which I have no idea what I am going to make.  I also bought the black linen with embroidered silver circles from Modeani.  From Ebad I bought four yards of black cotton batiste for a steal at $4/yd.  I’ll use that to line the linen for a sheath dress.  Yum!  Here are the pics…

I tried to shop with a plan, but plans go out the window when you don’t see what you’re looking for.  Regardless, I am very happy with my purchases and I had a great time with new friends.  Double whammy of goodness!

I received some really great comments on my last post which I would like to address more deeply.  But you’ll have to wait until next time!

Happy sewing!


7 responses to “Meet my new friends and fabrics

  1. Ahhh, lucky, lucky you!! The fabrics you’ve bought are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see that beautiful pinky/red made up and the blue fabric – what can I say, blue’s my favourite colour!!
    It certainly looks like you had a great time. I’m envious as anything, you got to meet Peter, you got to go play in fabric shops with other like-minded people.

  2. I have a feeling that you have a bigger stash of material than I do now! And I threw away tins and tins of buttons when I downsized. Oh well….

    Love, Mom

  3. That blue ombre knit is to die for. You just had to get it, I tell you, just had to.

  4. I love the border prints and am just not saying one word about *whisper* budget *whisper*

  5. I so wish I could have been there! What a great haul.

  6. Nice fabric from Sashi. I went to my first Garment District trip in 1/09 with the AGG chapter here (we hit Greenberg & Hammer first), Metro Textiles second. Plan on going back in the spring. You got some really good deals and nice fabric!

  7. The fabric is beautiful!

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