After my last few muslin travesties, my mojo has disappeared.  And on top of that the Olympics have been grabbing my attention every evening.  I have SWAG (ala Selfish Seamstress) to sew, but even that has not spurred me to sew.  Also my parents are visiting as well, so even more distractions. 

So I am here to say I am not here.  Please stay tuned, I’ll be back. 

I promise!

I hope your sewing mojo is in full force.


3 responses to “Distracted

  1. I am not sure if mysewing mojo is gone or I am just spinning my wheels. I have been trying to finish 3 somewhat easy projects and it is taking forever. I either change something or screw up my task.
    Now what has gone missing is my blogging mojo! Haven’t written a post for awhile!

  2. OMG, parents are a full-time job, don’t even TRY to sew with them around!

  3. Sew when you’re ready to sew. It’s supposed to be fun, relaxing, enjoyable.

    Not a chore or duty! 🙂

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