On the cutting room floor, literally…

I’m back!  So as I have mentioned previously, I have a lot of sewing for others to do:

  1. Birthday gift for my sister (knit top, pattern TBD)
  2. Dress for my niece Katie (New L00k 6821)
  3. Camp Shirt for my nephew Thor (Kwik Sew 3146)
  4. Dress for my niece Haley (New L00k 6821)

As you can probably tell, I love New Look 6821.  It has several different variations as dresses and tops.  I’ve made it before as a top for Katie last year.  Remember?

This time, I am going to make the dress on the top left with the straps and gathered ruffle bits at the skirt.  I have the prettiest purple fabrics which I originally bought for myself for summer tops, but just couldn’t resist using for Katie.  Last night I cut out the fabric.  Today after work, I have to run to my neighborhood sewing store, P&S Fabrics on Broadway, and buy some matching thread and a zipper.  Here the’s fabric all ready to go…

Isn’t it pretty???  I can’t wait to work on it tonight.  Thank goodness my sewing mojo has reappeared.  I was beginning to worry!  The floral print is going to be the bodice and then I’ll alternate between the solid and floral for the skirt and ruffles.  She’s going to be the belle of the ball, especially when she twirls which she loves to do.

Last week, when Jack and I went shopping at, you guessed it, P&S Fabrics, I found a cotton blue check fabric for Thor’s camp shirt.  So cute and utterly classic BOY.  I am using Kwik Sew 3146 for the pattern, View B (it’s unisex, obviously).

Haley’s birthday isn’t until June, so I have some time to figure out which combo of NL6821 I will use and find the fabric.

Anyway, happy sewing everyone!


4 responses to “On the cutting room floor, literally…

  1. Glad your mojo is back! I really love that top you made for Katie – it looks really well made and I love the fabric. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the kiddies!

  2. Glad to see you are back and out of Muslin Hell, not a very nice plate to be 😦
    I love the little dress you have sewn up. She is one lucky girl. I hope you will post when you have the purple one done, I love your color combination’s.

  3. Those color/pattern combinations are fantastic looking. Can’t wait to see how the purple number comes out.

  4. Such great colors! I love the different fabrics together.

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