Zipper Dilemma and Some Excitement

I don’t want to jinx anything but I have to tell you how excited I am about the dress (NL6821) I am making for Katie.  I am using some cotton voile that feels so luxurious as I sew.  Who knew that cotton could feel luxurious?!  It looks so special already and I have only completed the bodice.  This was going to be just an ordinary little girl’s twirly dress, but it might just turn out to be a special occasion dress.  It’s so cool how a fabric can make or break a garment.  I can’t wait to see how the rest of this turns out.  See pictures below of the bodice thus far.  Did I mention I was excited????

BUT, I have a zipper dilemma.  When I went to P&S Fabrics last night to get the thread and zipper, I thought I had purchased the right color, at least under their flourescent lights.  But when I was home, the zipper looked magenta rather than purple and was a lot more saturated in color than the print or solid fabric is.  What to do????  So, I thought I would turn to you, gentle readers, for your wonderful suggestions. 

I have lined up several different colors of zippers below.  Let me know which works if any or if I should go back to the store to find another one.  In order of appearance: ivory, pink, beige, magenta, blue/purple.  I have three different light settings in the photos so you can see how it looks in different lights. 

So what’s the verdict?  Which zipper should I use?  Or should I go back to the zipper drawing board?

In other sewing store news, P&S Fabrics is moving across the street from their current store in 6 days.  The new store is beautiful (or so said someone I bumped into at the current store).

Happy sewing everyone!


12 responses to “Zipper Dilemma and Some Excitement

  1. It’s an invisible zipper, so really all you have to deal with is the pull showing, and any of them would work. Depending on the weight of the print fabric on the bodice, you might want to go with one of the light colored ones so you don’t get any show-through. Or you could just interface along the zipper edge like I usually forget to do, which removes the possibility of the zip color showing anyway.

    If you still want me to commit to a color, I would say that actually ANY of them work for me except the last one, which seems a little bluey.

  2. I would go with the second one. It blends the best.

  3. I vote for the one in the middle. Not too light, not too dark, it’s juuust right!

  4. I think the middle or purple ones would do. As mentioned above me, as they’re invisible zippers only the tag should end up being visible.

  5. Except for the last one that looks blue, any of them will do. I like the winey purple one.

  6. I think the third of the fourth.

  7. I think the one in the middle would suit, especially if it is an invisible zip. You would only see the tag and it matches the lovely beige colour in the fabric quite well. An extremely talented sewist once told me that if you use an invisible zip that’s not quite the right colour you then use nail polish to paint the tag to match the fabric. She did it all the time for bridesmaids dresses.

  8. I vote middle.

  9. One of the light ones – hard to see the colors for sure but possibly the middle or second from the left. Definitely not the dark ones.

  10. Personally, I would go with the beige. How visible is the zipper really going to be?

  11. I’d vote pink or beige.

  12. I vote for either the second or third zipper with a preference for the third zipper.

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