I’m in love!

Yes, you heard it here first.  I am officially in love.  With whom you ask?  With what is the more a propos question actually. 

I have just discovered the gathering foot which came with my sewing machine.  How awesome is the gathering foot people?!?!?!  OMG.  I love it!!!!!!!!  No need to baste two lines of stitching in order to gather.  No uneven gathering when you’re finished.  Just beautiful dainty little gathers (sorry no pictures).


This particular gathering foot allows you to sew the gathered fabric onto another piece of fabric at the same time through a slit in the foot, but I was not able to get that function working very well.  I have a lesson with Thea tonight, so hopefully she can help me out with that.  If I were able to use that function, it would speed up the construction of this dress tenfold. 

On another note, as you know, I am working on a different variation of the New Look 6821 pattern this time.  Reading the instructions this time around is definitely easier.  However, I am still stumped by one step, as I was when I made that first top for my niece.  For each tier of the dress skirt, you’re instructed to make a hem.  Why?  Putting a hem on each tier makes the tier stiff in that area, it destroys the drape of the skirt.  Is it because they assume you only have a sewing machine and no serger so they’re giving you an alternative for a clean finish on the inside?  Do they want that section of the skirt stiffer? I don’t get it?  Another question for Thea I guess.  Last time, I slavishly followed the directions and added the hem, but I didn’t like how it interfered with the drape of the top.  This time, I am questioning it.  This time my dress will have drape AND look just as pretty inside as it does outside.

Happy gathering to you all!


5 responses to “I’m in love!

  1. I LOVE my gathering foot too. It really makes nice even gathers. I’ve not used its other joining functions either. Maybe you should do a tutorial on that once you learn how from Thea!!

  2. I love my edgestitch foot too much to be unfaithful. But, I will do a little harmless flirting with the gathering foot!

  3. Hi Elizabeth – I have never heard of making a hem for each tier – only the final tier. Maybe the directions are incorrect – or you are misunderstanding them – but something seems off.

  4. I bought a gathering foot a month or so ago. I have tried it out for practice but not used it in garment making yet. I will give it a whirl really soon.

  5. I just got a new machine, but haven’t dared try any new feet! I really need to be brave and go out of my comfort zone a bit. Thanks for the inspiration. Arlene

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